Jeez, Only 150?

I personally was able to take down over 1,000 Taliban through various virusus and cuts and stratches.

A BRITISH soldier who almost single-handedly took on 150 Taliban after he and his 50-man convoy were ambushed in Afghanistan has been awarded the Military Cross.

Fusilier Damien Hields used his grenade machinegun to destroy seven Taliban positions before his ambushers realised he was their main threat. After peppering his vehicle with bullets, they hit the 24-year-old soldier. He had to be dragged off for treatment by his driver after he tried to continue fighting.

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Whoever dragged him off should be drawn and quartered. Don’t they know the most honorable death is the one found fighting?

Bob bARR Says “No Torture”

Robot Pirate Ninja says, “I can call whatever I do whatever I want.” Drown on that, Bobb-0. And then I’ll call it the “Bob Greet.”

This administration has gone beyond even the Bizarro World standard of declaring up to be down or left to be right. Not only is torture not torture, but there exists insufficient clarity even to know what is torture so we can determine whether an interrogation technique is torture or not. While the extreme sophistry and word gamesmanship practiced to a fine art by this administration might make a high school debating coach proud, it does great disservice to the notion that we exist in a society in which there are rules and norms of behavior with clarity and definitiveness and in which government agents as well as the citizenry are held to standards of behavior.

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I dunno about this. I’ve been to Bizarro World. Hell, I pretty much made it that way (it all has to do with futzing the nuclear strong force…not something children should do).

Like I said, I made Bizarro World and right now, we are tortuing the ever-living crap out of Bizarro Bob Barr. And yes, you do have to insert various implements to get at the ever-living crap.