Yon Bush Stuck in Infinite Victory Loop

Bush to hail prospect of Iraq “strategic victory” – Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush will acknowledge on Wednesday the Iraq war has been fought at a high cost but will insist a U.S. troop buildup has opened the door to a “major strategic victory” against Islamic militants.

“The successes we are seeing in Iraq are undeniable,” Bush will say in an upbeat assessment of the U.S.-led campaign in a speech marking the fifth anniversary of the war, according to excerpts released on Tuesday.

With less than 11 months left in office and his approval ratings near the lows of his presidency, Bush is trying to shore up support for the unpopular war, which has damaged U.S. credibility abroad and is sure to define his legacy.

Hmmm, how can we encapsulate this one….

Worst Pretzeldent Ever

In straight robot: “Does not compute.  Does not compute.”

You can too Engineer Society

How will the Iraq war end? | csmonitor.com

On one basic point, the US invasion of Iraq has been wholly successful: It toppled Saddam Hussein. That may not seem as important today as it did at one time, given that the invasion also did not find any of his vaunted weapons of mass destruction, and that the unintended consequences of his removal have proved to be numerous.

But many of Mr. Hussein’s neighbors considered him a source of instability. At least one US ally in the region remains grateful he is gone.

“Any Iraq will be better than Iraq under Saddam, because the Iraq of Saddam had the ability to threaten Israel,” says Shlomo Brom, a senior fellow at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies and former head of the Israeli Defense Force’s Strategic Planning Division.

Of the misjudgments made by the US prior to its initiation of hostilities, however, one of the most profound was its error in predicting how Iraqi society would react once freed of Hussein’s grip. Pushed by extremists, it split into ethnic and sectarian groupings. It turned out that few Iraqis – or, at least, not enough of them – had been waiting for the day they could found a Jeffersonian democracy.

“The main lesson of the invasion of Iraq is that you cannot engineer society,” says Mr. Brom.

I’m telling ya, it’s daaaamn easy to engineer society.   All you need to do is start with a society of robots. 

Then profit is only two steps away.

Any Idea Who That Source Could Be?

40% of all spam comes from just one source

Six bots are responsible for 85% of all spam, according to an analysis by Marshal. The Srizbi botnet is the largest single source of spam – accounting for 39% of junk mail messages – followed by the Rustock botnet, responsible for 21% of the spam. Spam coming from the Mega-D botnet was temporarily stemmed after control servers were taken out in mid-February. The estimated 35,000 zombie clients associated with the Mega-D botnet were infected with the Ozdok Trojan. After 10 days of inactivity, spam from compromised hosts began flowing again earlier this week, after hackers re-established control.

Luckily, as a pirate, I have a huge prosthetic, curved penis, and have no need of enlargement (as it would then pierce my neck…in two places).

Guess Who’s Plan Those Were…

Killer robot shoots man dead on driveway | NEWS.com.au

AN 81-year-old man has shot himself dead with an elaborate suicide robot built using plans downloaded from the internet.

The Gold Coast man, who lived alone, left notes of his plans and thoughts as he struggled to come to terms with demands by interstate relatives that he move out his home and into care.

He spent hours searching the internet for a way to kill himself, downloaded what he needed and then built a complex machine that would remotely fire a gun.

He set the device up in his driveway about 7am yesterday, placed himself in front of it and set it in motion.

Those plans are available for free, ya bunch of meatsacks.

Make My PC Games Better, Dammit

Gaming Eh » Blog Archive » Want my ass off the 360? Listen.

So instead of being the pessimistic dick like everyone else, I’m going to give suggestions to PC developers on how to make gamers give a damn about them. I’m not speaking as some dickless marketing guru or an experienced game developer, because that would make me a liar. I merely speak as a gamer who has money, meaning I don’t have to tug mommy’s skirt when I want a new game. In short, I’m your audience.

Robot Pirate Ninja is your audience as well, as this rant covers the gamut of crap that they try to get me to buy.   Sad to see Iron Lore dropping out, as RPN’s heros have enjoyed smashing minotours tremendously.