Avery Out As Maverick Leader

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 Steel817Blog on Wed Apr 30, 2008 03:24 pm

When Avery Johnson was hired as the Mavs Head Coach by Mark Cuban, Avery Johnson said the following at the Press Conference”If I don’t win an NBA Championship in three years, I should be fired”! That pretty much says it all….
Too bad to see the little guy go.  I liked his style.  Unfortunately they made one of the worst trades in years (to get an over-the-hill boring Kidd) and never really recovered from it.  
It doesn’t look like the Mavs will ever bring home a title…and it hurts even worse because they got soo close…then crumbled…
The crumble is now complete

U.S. Health Official Visits the Right Wing “Think” Tanks

Medicare drifting towards disaster: U.S. official | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Medicare is lurching toward disaster and it is too late for the Bush Administration and Congress to do anything about it, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt said on Tuesday.

He said the next administration will have to act to stop rising costs and get control of the $400 billion federal health insurance plan for the elderly, which now covers 44 million people.

“Higher and higher costs are being borne by fewer and fewer people. Sooner or later, this formula implodes,” Leavitt said in a speech to the right-leaning Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute think-tanks.

“There is serious danger here,” he added. “Medicare is drifting towards disaster.”

This is very true, and it needs to be addressed.  It would be much easier to address if we weren’t spending a couple billion a day blowing shit up, but that would never occur to Heritage or AEI, as they believe some war now and again is absolutely essential to their donors.

The funniest part is the partisan dig at the end.

“It troubles me that this matter is not receiving more attention in the presidential candidates’ discussions. The next president will have to deal with this in significant part,” he said.

Yea, I mean…no one is talking about health care at all as an issue…no oneno one at all

BTW, those are the “health care” pages for the three Presidential possibilities.

One of the first things to do when in a hole is to stop digging.  Stop digging now


Hmmm, Dark Knights….

The Dark Knight trailer #3 – Jokerized version UPDATED « Chris Presswell. No, Really.

Check these out.  Great stuff on what looks to be a very interesting film.   Get ready for the Heath Ledger-fest this July. 

Warner Bros. Pictures has set the release date for the The Dark Knight, the sequel to 2005’s Batman Begins for July 18, 2008. The film will star Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman.

In the film, Batman and Commissioner Gordon find alliance with a newly appointed DA Harvey Dent to stop a vicious killer with a warped sense of humor known only as The Joker, a threat to both the good, and the evil of Gotham City.

If Bruce hadn’t been born a billionaire, I’m pretty sure he would have turned to piracy to support his…habits…

Father, Grandfather, and Husband of the Year

BBC NEWS | Europe | Austrian ‘hid daughter in cellar’

A 73-year-old Austrian is under arrest on suspicion of hiding his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathering seven children with her, police say.

The existence of the woman, believed missing since 1984 and now 42, emerged after a teenager said to be her daughter was taken to hospital.

And as they say…that’s when it got weird.

Josef allegedly lured her into the cellar of their house in Amstetten on 28 August 1984, drugging and handcuffing her before locking her up.

It was assumed she had disappeared voluntarily when her parents received a letter from her asking them not to search for her.

“Abused continuously during the 24-year-long imprisonment”, Elisabeth bore six children while a seventh, one of a set of twins, died soon after birth.

The dead baby was allegedly taken out of the cellar and burnt by Josef.

Elisabeth said Josef had provided her and three of her children, who were locked up along with her, with clothing and food.

Good story for remembering the good things in your own life.  I think that’s about the bottom of the barrel when it comes to parenting. 

All of a sudden “Hostel” looks a whole lot more realistic

The Joys of Re-Selling Your Digital Rights

PC World – Business Center: Comcast Sets its Sights on Peer to Peer Apps

Comcast, one of the leading providers of broadband cable Internet access in the U.S, has your rights at heart. Of course, exactly what rights you have remains to be seen. But Comcast plans to let you know, just as soon as it’s decided what they are.
That was the gist of Comcast and Pando Networks’ joint announcement yesterday, calling for a “P2P Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.” But skeptics worry that such a plan is likely to be light on the rights, heavy on the responsibilities

This is the next step for the telecom companies.  In order to increase profit margins, the telephone companies are now going to start taking away what you thought were your digital rights and then re-sell them to you at a discount.  Yea, sure, the discount is still going to be more than you are paying for now but at least you’ll be getting a “discount”!

The funny part is that they are going to sell this whole bait-and-switch routine as if they are doing you a favor.  The really funny part is their argument that the government protecting the rights of people to use bandwidth for their speech how they see fit is now called “government interference”, while the concept of telecoms themselves deciding which packets get delivered by the dumptrucks is actually a service people want.

Because we all know that you should give AT&T a call before uploading that video of Cheney rimming Rumsfeld.  And we all know that they never censor anything….

The controversy surrounding AT&T’s alleged censorship of a Pearl Jam Lollapalooza show that AT&T webcast as part of its Blue Room series continues, despite AT&T’s Statement that Eddie Vedder’s anti-Bush lyrics were excised from the show footage by a third-party webcasting service provider.

SavetheInternet agrees with Pearl Jam that the situation could indicate how AT&T might act if net neutrality laws are not passed, and posted the footage on YouTube:

[note the part you can’t hear in the first version]

 Update: here’s the unedited version, as shot by a fan:

(update via futureofmusiccoalition)

 [source of censored songs]

Busted By Google (What’s the Opposite of a Turing Test?)


We’re sorry…

… but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

We’ll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, if you suspect that your computer or network has been infected, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your systems are free of viruses and other spurious software.

So I was wandering around Google Groups, or Google Mail, or Google Apps, and ran into this error message.

Looks like I failed the Turing Test, in a bad way.

Basically, Google decided that what I was doing was something only a robot would do….which kinda makes sense, given my nature.  Still, it was a bit of a surprise.

Move over Skylab, Google is taking your place.

Dean to Put Donkey Foot Down

Dean says either Clinton or Obama must drop out in June – Yahoo News

WASHINGTON – Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said Monday that either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama must drop out of the Democratic presidential race after the June primaries in order to unify the party by the convention and win the election in November.

But Dean didn’t say which candidate should drop out, only that it should happen after primary voters have been to the polls.

“We want the voters to have their say. That’s over on June 3,” Dean said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

I would love to see Clinton end up being as big a man as Gore was during the 2000 election (debacle), and step down for the good of the party, but I seriously doubt she has the balls to do so.

Dean makes some obvious points in the statement.

Dean also said that while the party rules say Democratic superdelegates can wait until the party’s August 25 convention to make up their minds, that would be too late to unify the party and defeat the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain.

“We really can’t have a divided convention. If we do it’s going to be very hard to heal the party afterwards,” Dean said. “So we’ll know who the nominee is and that’ll give us an extra 2 1/2 months to get our party together, heal the wounds of having a very closely divided race and take on Senator McCain.”

C’mon HIll-dog, do the right thing.

Oh, wait, it’s Hill-rod, who needs to do the right thing.

Fight Against the Dying of the Magnet

A Brief Message: No Resistance Is Futile

Six1 words2 can3 tell4 a5 story6 while five is too small. Constraints write without the letter “e”; use only one-syllable words; make every sentence exactly N words [see Oulipo and Georges Perec] can force me and you out of windbaggery and make certain things possible. Not long ago, tasked to review 763 songs at a swoop, I cut the review length to six words and suffered not at all.


Ah, Ahh, Aaaaahhhh….

Record-breaking Mentos and coke explosions – Telegraph


The students, from Belgium, tried to out-fizz the previous record for so-called Mentos fountains by simultaneously putting Mentos mints into bottles of the soft drink.


The resultant chemical reaction shot hundreds of streams of carbonated soda into the air.

The explosive record-breaking event was held in Ladeuzeplein square in Leuven, Belgium.

Ah, Belgium, what can’t you do in unison?