God-King Gets a Warning, China Opens Fire

BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | India sends warning to Dalai Lama

Indias Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee has warned the Dalai Lama against any political activity damaging to Indias relationship with China.Mr Mukherjee also stressed that the exiled spiritual leader would continue to be welcome in India.

The comments, which reiterate Delhi’s position, come at a sensitive time, following anti-China protests in India.

More Tibet stuff coming later. There has been a rather violent confrontation including some open firing on protesting crowds.

BBtv has more here, including an interview with a Tibetan activist.

In this BBtv vlog episode, Xeni speaks with Tibetan human rights worker Lhakpa Kyizom about reported abuses against so-called “wired monks” in Tibet, by PRC military and police. Using cellphones, these monks photographed dead and injured participants in nonviolent, pro-Tibetan sovereignty protests that took place in March. The monks then disseminated these images to supporters outside Tibet, using connected computers and mobile devices.

After the images spread worldwide, and their origin became known to authorities in the tightly-controlled, tense, post-protest environment in Tibet, Kyizom says, military forces invaded the monastery, confiscated all communications tools, and detained nearly 600 monks in political retaliation.

More traditional reporting on the events is here.

Chinese paramilitary police have killed eight people after opening fire on several hundred Tibetan monks and villagers in bloody violence that will fuel human rights protests as London prepares to host its leg of the Olympic torch relay this weekend.

Witnesses said the clash – in which dozens were wounded – erupted late last night after a government inspection team entered a monastery in the Chinese province of Sichuan trying to confiscate pictures of the Dalai Lama.

Officials searched the room of every monk in the Donggu monastery, a sprawling 15th century edifice in Ganzi, southwestern Sichuan, confiscating all mobile phones as well as the pictures.

When the inspectors tore up the photographs and threw them on the floor, a 74-year-old monk, identified as Cicheng Danzeng, tried to stop an act seen as a desecration by Tibetans who revere the Dalai Lama as their god king.

The Chinese are getting a well-deserved black eye here. My prediction is that the Tibetans will adopt Palestinian tactics before China begins to budge. Hate to say it, but that’s what it is looking like.