The Oldest Crap in America

Human Traces Found to Be Oldest in N. America –

Scientists have found and dated the oldest human remnants ever uncovered in the Americas — a discovery that places people genetically similar to Native Americans in Oregon more than 14,000 years ago and 1,000 years earlier than previous estimates.

Using radiocarbon dating and DNA analysis, an international team concluded that fossilized feces found five feet below the surface of an arid cave are significantly older than any previous human remains unearthed in the Americas.

Don’t you love the idea tha someday scientists are going to be rooting around in your bowel movements to understand what horribly unbalanced diets most modern Americans enjoy?

I certainly do.  It’s chili with cheese and onions tonight, followed by a big helping of jambalaya.

Silly People, Political Ads are for Nuts

The Swamp: Clinton’s offended Pa. voter – not

Barack Obama can take some solace out of Hillary Clinton’s new television ad in Pennsylvania. At least one of her supporters featured in the spot hammering Obama for his small town comments isn’t registered to vote in Pennsylvania.

Clyde Thomas, who sports a goatee in the ad and says, “the good people of Pennsylvania deserve a lot better than what Barack Obama said,” is actually registered in New Jersey. He voted there for Clinton Feb. 5. He only recently moved to Bethlehem, Pa.

Frankly, I think the whole “bitter” thing is an idiotic story.  The fact that Clinton, who has over $100,000,000 since leaving the Whitehouse is calling someone who earned their stripes doing community organizing “elitist” is so far out of crazy town it could only be considered rational during a Presidential political campaign.

Screwing Private Ryan – Family’s sole surviving son denied GI benefits

FRESNO (AP) ― Army Spc. Jason Hubbard was forced to leave the combat zone after his two brothers died in the Iraq war, but once at home the soldier faced another battle: The military cut off his family’s health care, stopped his G.I. educational subsidies and wanted him to repay his sign-up bonus.

It wasn’t until Hubbard petitioned his local Congressman that he was able to restore some of his benefits.

Now that Congressman, Rep. Devin Nunes, plans to join three other lawmakers in introducing a bill Wednesday that would ensure basic benefits to all soldiers who are discharged under the sole survivor policy. The rule is a holdover from World War II meant to protect the rights of service people who have lost a family member to war.

There are going to be more and more stories like this over the next few years as the budget crunch meets to real and long-term costs of war.  Please remember this the next time you are thinking about supporting an idiotic war whose motive is primarily based on irrational fear.

Then send in a ninja to get the bad guy, and leave the rest of the population alone.