This Site is Currently Getting the Kottke Escarpment*

Juice Analytics

Stephen Colbert has mentioned that he’s having trouble getting guests during the writer’s stike. We find this puzzling, given the supposed benefits of the Colbert Bump. Does being on the Colbert Show really provide a bump—a critical leap that vaults a writer, or a politician to superstardom?

We know that Colbert isn’t a big fan of “facts”, and only needs his gut to tell him the Colbert Bump is real. At Juice, we let the data decide what’s real or not, so our apologies to Stephen for not taking his word for it. Intrigued, Juice Analytics set out to find out the truth. We gathered data about Amazon sales rank for 20 authors that appeared on his show in recent months. How did those ranks change in the days immediately before and after the authors’ appearance on the show?

Neat pictures.

*Kottke Escarpment…i.e some website getting a ton of traffic from being linked by Kottke.  Or Boing Boing. Or Fark or Digg or /..

Which is all the same as being “observed” and getting more attention.

You could do the same kind of graph for their other marketing errorts

The Language of the Intarwebs (Nerdic)

‘Nerdic’ is fastest-growing language – Telegraph

From dongles to mashups to RickRolling, ‘geek speak’ has become the fastest growing language in Europe as new words are invented to describe technological advances.

Experts claim about 100 new words are added to the language of technology, dubbed ‘Nerdic’, every year – three times the number of new words making it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

This year the number of new Nerdic words will rise to 200, according to research carried out by e-tailer to mark the 15th anniversary of the internet.

I don’t know about this. I found a very convincing argument against it here.