Awwww, Look at the Cute Little Evil Robots

Visualizing Viruses

Visualizing Viruses
By Ryan Singel
04.12.08 | 12:00 AM

This scary looking guy is MyDoom, a virus that debuted in January 2004 and replicated faster than any previous worm. MyDoom opens a backdoor in a user’s system, and spreads itself by mining e-mail addresses found on compromised computers. Dozens of variants still roam the net.

And yes, little electronic bits of computer code are still robots.  If they are good enough to replace retail workers, they are good enough to be called robots.   This group of renderings happens to be a bunch of little evil robots that infiltrate and compromise computer systems.

Very neat stuff.  Especially since it is a robot photographer that is making the pictures.

You should check out how the full grown versions too, as they have the same kind of beauty, just more of it.