Ah, Ahh, Aaaaahhhh….

Record-breaking Mentos and coke explosions – Telegraph


The students, from Belgium, tried to out-fizz the previous record for so-called Mentos fountains by simultaneously putting Mentos mints into bottles of the soft drink.


The resultant chemical reaction shot hundreds of streams of carbonated soda into the air.

The explosive record-breaking event was held in Ladeuzeplein square in Leuven, Belgium.

Ah, Belgium, what can’t you do in unison?

Ya Got to Love the Heavy Metals

Billionaire to set up magazine for snobs | U.S. | Reuters

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s super-rich love to flaunt their wealth. Soon they will have a magazine called Snob to help them.

Mikhail Prokhorov — whose wealth is estimated at around $22 billion — plans to spend $150 million setting up a magazine, website and television station called Snob, the general director of the new venture told Reuters on Wednesday.

“It’s for people who are successful and those who want to be successful,” said Andrei Shmarov, who will run Snob.

Prokhorov, 42, made his fortune in the chaotic 1990s when businessmen bought up parts of former Soviet industries for a fraction of their real value.

The Forbes Rich List ranked Prokhorov as the 24th richest person in the world. He is one of the owners of Norilsk Nickel, the world’s biggest nickel producer, and Polyus Gold, Russia’s biggest gold producer.

Looks like a decent Bond villain.  Give him a few more years when gold doubles again in price and nickel triples.

I’ve Eaten All Types of Birds…

News | Opelika-Auburn News

WASHINGTON (AP) — It looks like chickens deserve more respect. Scientists are fleshing out the proof that today’s broiler-fryer is descended from the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex. And, not a surprise, they confirmed a close relationship between mastodons and elephants.

Fossil studies have long suggested modern birds were descended from T. rex, based in similarities in their skeletons.

Now, bits of protein obtained from connective tissues in a T. rex fossil shows a relationship to birds including chickens and ostriches, according to a report in Friday’s edition of the journal Science.

…and I’ve eaten all types of lizards.  They all taste like Dinosaur.