27 Years of Broken Justice and 32 Years of False Freedom

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A judge in Dallas today freed a man who served 27 years in prison for the slaying of his girlfriend — since DNA evidence has cleared him.

The case of James Lee Woodard still must be formalized by an appeals court or a pardon from Governor Rick Perry. Woodard, jailed since New Year’s Day 1981 after his girlfriend was raped and murdered, became the 18th person in Dallas County to have his conviction cast aside.

Woodard was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a 21-year-old Dallas woman found sexually assaulted and strangled near the banks of the Trinity River

That’s some good detective work there, Lou.  This one would probably be a good example for the black bias post I’m working on.  It’s coming up later.

UPDATE: Ran into this story today as well.  Figured the two would go well together.

A southern California family is standing by the wife and mother who lived under a false name and with a colossal secret: Susan M. LeFevre escaped from a Plymouth prison 32 years ago.

Her husband of 23 years, Alan Walsh, said his family was blindsided and grief-stricken by the revelation that Marie Day, the woman he fell in love with and who bore his three children, had hidden a criminal past.

“She has raised three beautiful children and has worked hard to build a good life for them in this community,” he said in a prepared statement. “Surely society is better off having Marie contribute to the betterment of her community than having to cost Michigan taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to lock up a person who obviously poses no threat to anyone.”

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Drinking In High School (US vs Russia)

Here’s the news story…

Angel Cincinnati said her daughter chugged vodka out of two water bottles in an unsupervised Capital High School homeroom last Wednesday.

“She hadn’t had any breakfast,” Cincinnati said. “A boy challenged her to a chugging contest.” 

In her third-period class, the daughter tripped over a trash can and laughed about it on the floor, which tipped a teacher off that something was wrong. Later, paramedics arrived to take care of the 15-year-old.   

Cincinnati said she was told that her daughter and classmates were supposed to go to a supervised classroom, but some did not. A voice over the intercom system alerted students to go to another classroom because their usual homeroom teacher was absent, Cincinnati said.

“But nobody ever followed up to make sure they made it there,” she said. “Their being unsupervised allowed this to happen from the very beginning.”  

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And here’s the communist version.   Looks like we aren’t all that different after all.