The New Red Spot

Jupiter's new red spot

PHOTO IN THE NEWS: Jupiter Gains New Red Spot

May 23, 2008—A new hot-hued storm spot (far left) churns away on Jupiter on May 9 and 10, when the Hubble Space Telescope took the images that were combined to create this picture, which was released yesterday.

The “baby” storm is the gas giant’s third red spot, after the Great Red Spot (at center-right) and Red Spot, Jr (lower left). The new spot’s size has not been announced. The Great Red Spot is roughly as wide as the entire Earth.

Jupiter’s newest “blemish” used to be a white oval-shaped storm but turned brick red as its clouds rose and reacted to solar UV radiation.

Right now the as yet unnamed storm and the Great Red Spot are on a collision course.

Ain’t it soo cute?