This Bud’s For Them

Anheuser-Busch Cos. agreed to be acquired Sunday by InBev NV for about $52 billion, creating the world’s largest beer maker and placing an iconic American company in the hands of a Belgian-Brazilian giant.

The $70-a-share deal marks an abrupt end to what many expected to be a prolonged takeover drama. For weeks, Anheuser showed stiff resistance to a sale. But last week, InBev, based in Leuven, Belgium, drew its St. Louis rival into friendly discussions by increasing its offer by $5 a share.

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Looks like the weak dollar has another victim.  And since beer is an industry that usually does pretty well during a downturn and then again during the upturn, more money is now going to flowing from the U.S. to old Europa.

Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone (Demonstration)

I just finished updating my iPhone and computer (and solving a little problem) and got some of the new apps loaded.

Overall I have to say that I am VERY impressed with Apples efforts and the gaming potential of the iPhone.  I knew it had a pretty screen and some decent horsepower hidden in there, but I have to say I am, again, very impressed with the potential.  Note that word: potential.

The first round of software, at least from a gaming perspective, is neat but still in the early stages of development.  The price is pretty close for some stuff, but I think they might need to keep everything pretty low to move units.  Below is a video of me playing Super Monkey Ball.  It cost $10.00.  This is part of the whole iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0 rollout.

There have been some serious issues with the rollout, but today the software is working fine and I have to say that the results speak for themselves.

I should have a couple more video reviews coming up.   Especially one for Tetris.  This looks like it might be a definitive version.  It works wonderfully with the touch-screen.  The iPhone may very well turn out to be as innovative as the Wii for gaming.

I’m still getting the software installed on the new laptop, so a bit of paitence as I recreate the video studio for mobile production.  Then more should be on the way.

How to Fix Vista and iTunes

Just a quick FYI if you get this Windows Vista error while using iTunes “applemobiledevicehelper has stopped working”…

here’s how you fix it.


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  Re: AppleMobileDeviceHelper has stopped working
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This worked for me but im not sure bout explorer and browse to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin
delete all the files there. u wont be able to delete 2 of them; doesnt matter. now open itunes and it works normallyagain, there aint no “warranty”


  Windows Vista  

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  Re: AppleMobileDeviceHelper has stopped working
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It Worked
awesomethanks a lotPentium 4 Vista   Windows Vista   AppleMobileDevice stopped working…..

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  Re: AppleMobileDeviceHelper has stopped working
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You only have to delete the file named “AppleMobileDeviceHelper” in that folder:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\binI tried that first, instead of wiping out the entire folder.. and it worked.     
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  Re: AppleMobileDeviceHelper has stopped working
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Many many thanks for this, this problem had me tearing my hair out!I deleted the files in the suggested folder and the problem has now stopped!It would appear to be a problem between Vista’s security and iTunes! You would think that MS and Apple would be able to get together and develop software that doesn’t **** up our enjoyment of both!

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Note: This might also help if you’ve been having trouble upgrading the iPhone 2.0…as I have.

Super Monkey Ball here I come (can’t wait for Mario Kart iPhone, with instant wi-fi sharing and racing).

LOL at MTP (CEO P.a.y.)

I’m watching “Meet the Press” this morning with Tom Brokejaw (who is demonstrating how skilled Tim Russert was to call people on their b.s. to their face.  It’s harder than Russert made it seem) and I just saw something that really wanted to make me laugh out loud.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) was there defending Barack Obama and Carly Fiorina (mentioned a good deal in this post) was defending John McCain.

The topic came up briefly, but both McCaskill and Tom Brokaw missed the point that Fiorina was a perfect example of the failed, hugely paid executives.  McCaskill made the point that CEO pay was out of control and mentioned it was something Barack was concerned about as well.

Neither pointed out they were sitting with someone who had been fired for poor performance and was given a $21,000,000 payout.   I wonder which side of the issue of executive pay she stands on?  Which is the one McCain does?

This is further reflected in the fact that McSame’s head economic advisor was trying to tell everything that the “recession is all in the mind”.

Here is Gramm on CEO pay (and now you know why Fiorina works for McCain)

Phil Gramm Quote on CEO Pay

I don’t like McCain, but I’d sure be happy if he brought ex-Senator Phil Gramm along for the ride:

… Wall Street bankers make tens of millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses each year. How would he justify these fat pay days? “It’s simple,” he lectures, sounding very much like the Texas A&M economics professor that he was in the 1970s: “In economics, we define labor exploitation as paying people less than their marginal value product. I recently told Ed Whitacre [former CEO of AT&T, who retired with a $158 million pay package] he was probably the most exploited worker in American history because he took Southwestern Bell, which was the smallest of the former Bell companies, and he turned it into the dominant phone company on earth. His severance package should have been billions.”

Read the whole thing.

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And this is Gramm’s quote from last week.  And recall, Gramm was a senior economic advisor for McCain writing policy.

The former senator’s suggestion that much of Americans’ economic pain and uncertainty is psychosomatic came in an interview with the conservative Washington Times. “You’ve heard of mental depression. This is a mental recession,” he told the paper. “We have sort of become a nation of whiners. … You just hear this constant whining, complaining about a loss of competitiveness, America in decline.”

All this whining from the peons, as the decisions I’ve made over the years come home to roost.  Woe is they and their cake (which they can buy with a gas tax rebate*).

Mr. Gramm, a budget hawk in Congress who’s known Mr. McCain for decades, played a key role in rescuing the campaign a year ago. But that didn’t stop Mr. McCain from issuing a sharp critique of the comments while campaigning Thursday in Michigan.

And so Phil gets tossed under the bus faster than you can say, it’s the

Mr. McCain – clearly unhappy with the distraction – said that people who’ve lost their jobs or are struggling to pay bills aren’t suffering from a ” ‘mental recession.’ … America is in great difficulty, and we are experiencing economic challenges.”

Asked if he still would consider Mr. Gramm for Treasury secretary or another top administration post, he said, “Senator Gramm would be in serious consideration for ambassador to Belarus, although I’m not sure the citizens of Minsk would welcome that.”

It was probably a joke, but he never cracked a smile.

[full story]

You know he’s got a shiv ready to go for that bastard.  I’ll bet he wants to cut his nuts off.
Anyway, it kind of tells you which side of the coin McSame is swinging and how everything he sees is reflected through that coin.
I wonder if he understands how his war is making that coin worth a bit less in the eyes of the world?