David Shuster is a fuckass

That’s about the only word that describes it.

It looks like he’s going to be successful in the “media” he so loathes and is a part of.   I can’t stand jackasses like this.  Been stuck watching the news today…mainly because I wanted to see the Olympics…and ended up watching this fuckass remind me why I don’t want this crap, even despite my abiding passion for using technoloyg (TV) to spread useful information.

I hate it when it spews crap from a fuckass.

/yes, “fuckass”.  It’s from Donny Darko, as a matter of fact.

Hypocrisy vs Irony via CNN

Sometimes it’s a tough call to judge whether someone is being Hypocritical or Ironic.

The same can often be said of situations.   What we have below is one such situation.  A simple confluence of world events that illustrates the absudity of….well….those same events and sometimes, the lack thereof (see #3).


The storyline goes as follows….

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Jet Favre and Cheating John

UPDATE 10/7/10:  This story doesn’t include pictures of Brett Favre’s junk.  You’ll have to find it elsewhere.

O.k. there has been a huge media story for a while now that recently closed and one that came out today that will be well-over-covered for the next week or two.

The first is that Brett Favre joined the New York Jets.  Here’s some good speculation on the winners and losers in the whole charade.  And one on where he might go from here and where others have gone before.

Other than that, that’s about it.  I can’t belive this has been such a huge story.  Much of media mix now seems to be BigName * SomethingStrange = 24HourCoverage.

Which brings us to the next story, John Edwards has admitted having an affair.

That’s it.  Some will try and make it a big story…as I’m watching crap tv now (MSNBC is HORRID in the afternoon…I don’t watch it at night) and they are trying to say it’s huge and are calling Edwards out for dropping this one five hours before the Olympic opening ceremonies.

Personally I call that being media savvy.  People bury news all the time on Friday afternoon.  It’s a proven tactic, given that the 24-Hour News Channel cycle is actually 36-Hours,i.e. they can cover any minuscule piece of crap for 36-hours with a straight face.

[note: see tags for why these two stories go together]

UPDATE: Just saw an interview with the girl Edwards was banging.  Ummm, it makes for awesome soundbites and double entendres.  You will be seeing it.  A lot.

UPDATE2: This is the statement Edwards released to the media.  Well, it’s most of it, with some personal commentary.

And So It Begins….Again (Olympics and International Jockeying)

BEIJING – Once-reclusive China commandeered the world stage Friday, celebrating its first-time role as Olympic host with a stunning display of pyrotechnics and pageantry — topped by the unworldly sight of a flying gymnast, traversing the heights of the stadium to light the flame and begin the Summer Games.

China opens Olympics with pageantry, pyrotechnics – Yahoo! News.

I noticed this story this morning and went to the TV to see some of the stuff.  Unfortnately, with the media blackout that goes on with such things (a level of censorship the Chinese probably admire) we won’t get to see the explosions until this evening during primetime.

I’m really hoping this isn’t indicative of how GE is going to cover the Olympics, as my sleep patterns are more attuned to the Asian sun, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for a day or two.

Our wonderful President was also on site, continuing his tradition of vacationing as much as humanly possible.

President Bush and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin were among the glittering roster of notables who watched China make this bold declaration that it had arrived. Bush, rebuked by China after he raised human-rights concerns this week, is the first U.S. president to attend an Olympics on foreign soil.

I have a wonderful screen-grab taken from CNN yesterday covers the general absurdity of someone who advocates torturing prisoners calling out someone else who does.  I’ll get that post up and link to it here. [done -ed]

But politics aside, I’m really looking forward to the Olympics and seeing some wonderful competition.  The Beijing Games should be one to remember and I, for one, am looking forward to spending the last two weeks before football season watching the lesser sports in detail.