Movie Review: Pineapple Express

As someone in the target demographic for this movie, I’m was hoping to enjoy it a good deal more than I did.

Even going to the Inwood Theatre here in Dallas couldn’t save my movie experience, and that includes chilling on couches and drinking a cocktail.   I can certainly see how some people (i.e. young teens) will think this movie is cool simple for the subject matter.  I can understand that, but as a more grizzled veteran of the scene I didn’t really see much to spark interest in his movie.

Sub-plots got discarded, nothing really ever came together, and much like the waste of time that was “The Happening”, every retarded theory put forth by the protagonists turned out to be not only exactly correct, but later corroborated by other characters.

This was a movie that couldn’t quite ever find it’s own level of reality.  Was it a real world they lived in?  Or some comic version where people get executed multiple times and keep coming back?  If it’s the latter, why not use that as a comic device?  If the former, why does Red live forever?

I dunno about this one.  I didn’t even read much hype but I’m officially done with the Apatow/Rogen genre.  Guys, take a couple years off, write a real screenplay that you actually thought about and then film that.