Black Market Olympics: Running from the Beijing Police

Mt. SAC professor on the run in Beijing after protest –

Edward Romero is on the run in the Olympics host city of Beijing.

According to friends and colleagues of the La Puente pastor and philosophy professor at Mt. San Antonio College, Romero is being sought by Chinese authorities for painting two upscale Beijing hotel rooms with anti-oppression slogans like, “Speak out for those who have no voice,” and “Beijing 2008 Our world Our nightmare.”

The incidents have caught the interest of news outlets and Internet users worldwide, who have flocked to Romero’s YouTube page – “Diary of a Gadfly” – where the La Puente resident videotaped his antics and uploaded them online.

“It’s going all over the world at a furious pace,” said Tony Thomas, a longtime friend of Romero who has been appointed Romero’s unofficial spokesman. “He has had the vision to do this (for years), but I think most people didn’t really know exactly what he was going to do until he actually did it.”

You can follow the action here

What is *Time* Exactly?

People’s views on time affect health, wealth, relationships –

Zimbardo is most concerned about how college students view time. Many are preoccupied with unhappy past events and prone to believe that fate controls what happens to them. “This is about ‘My life is controlled by outside forces.’ They’re high in depression and anger,” he says.

He says corruption and lies exposed in business and government are souring many young people during what should be a positive, can-do time of life.

Some of their notable elders, acting on warped time perspectives, have not set the best example, Zimbardo argues. He uses the Enron scandal as an example of “instant gratification” hedonism indulged in without regard for consequences.

The best view on time for a flexible life that’s well lived is a balanced one, suggests the research by Zimbardo and Boyd. People who enjoy the most well-being choose to focus on positive experiences in their past or opt for the most favorable interpretation of a difficult past; enjoy plenty of fun in the present without excessive indulgence as they keep a reasonably careful fix on the future; and they don’t dwell on past miseries or see what happens to them in the present as “fixed” by fate.

Whatever your attitude toward time, though, it can be changed, Zimbardo emphasizes. Their book offers exercises to “reset your perspective clock.”

A curious article on an interesting segment of psychology…time studies.  Sure, you can’t travel in it, but you can remember things.  And you can remember how things felt and how you felt about that.  And you can’t travel to the future but you can think about it.  And what you think about it changes how you feel about now and about the past…hint: this matters to your general perception of now.

More on this goes in a book somewhere…

Drug War Continues to Smash Good, Happy People

Community in shock over Harford man’s drug charges —

For many, Bob Chance has been the face of ecology in Harford County.

He taught earth science during a three-decade run in the public schools – and was named to the school system’s Hall of Fame. He promoted recycling long before the government got involved. He wrote a nature column for the local paper, won election to public office, and showed countless youngsters the wonders of the great outdoors as Ranger Bob.

And now he is, at 62, a defendant in a drug case.

Authorities say he has been growing marijuana at the farm where he raises and sells Christmas trees. And they say they found enough of the drug, either in plant form or packaged in freezers, to roll thousands of joints – so they are taking steps to seize his farm.

There’s so many stories like this it’s almost a cliche now.  End the drug war.

Anecdotal Idiocy and Your Government

Calling all fliers: Hang up your cell – The Denver Post

WASHINTON — Cellphone calls on airplanes in flight are unsafe and obnoxious and should be banned permanently, according to some members of Congress.

House members, most of whom board airplanes almost every week, traded horror stories July 31 about their worst experiences with annoying fellow passengers who talk loudly on cellphones before takeoff and after landing. One lawmaker said his wife sat next to a woman who loudly discussed her sex life on the phone.

Another House member topped that with the passenger sitting him behind on one flight who got a “dear John” phone call from either his wife or sweetheart just before takeoff. The begging and pleading was just terrible to listen to, he said. Finally, with the plane ready to take off, a flight attendant had to threaten to have U.S. marshals drag the man off the plane before he finally put his phone away.

Wait a second…a flight attendant threatened a passenger with an arrest by a federal officer…and this is an argument for more phone laws?

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The Spirit of the Olympics Shining Through The Fog of War

Olympic shooters hug as their countries do battle –

BEIJING, China (CNN) — Sharpshooters from Russia and Georgia embraced Sunday after earning medals for their countries, which have been teetering on the brink of war since the Beijing Summer Olympics kicked off last week.

Russia’s Natalia Paderina and Georgia’s Nino Salukvadze hugged after winning Olympic silver and bronze medals, respectively, in the women’s 10-meter air pistol competition.

The rivals kissed each other on the cheek after standing on the medal podium with China’s Guo Wenjun, who won the gold medal in the event.

Waving flower bouquets high, the women smiled broadly at the audience.

“If the world were to draw any lessons from what I did, there would never be any wars,” Salukvadze, 39, said afterward, according to media reports. The reports described the two as friends.

This is good to see…if a bit ironic.  I mean…sharpshooters?!