U.S. Women Win Gold in Soccer, Volleyball, Fencing, and Gymnastics

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the lady athletes in the United States.  Good jorb, ladies.

I had posted earlier about the amazing antics of the Brazilian women’s soccer team.  Well, it turns out the U.S. women’s team was even better.  They played some amazing defense against a team that was still firing with :30 left in extra time after 30 minutes of overtime and 90 minutes of Olympic Gold Medal soccer.

In volleyball the U.S. Team of May/Walsh was absolutely dominant.  Those nice little bottoms went al the way to the top.  For the second time in a row (for the first time ever).

I think the softball team gave up like one run, total, before their final silver medal performance (softball and baseball are being dropped from the next Olympics…Brits don’t get ’em) against Japan.  I just checked the news and saw the softball team has lost in the finals to Japan.  That sucks because they had been absolutely dominant in the Olympics.  This was their first loss in 22 games, dating all the way back to 2000.

Congrats and further well wishes to the fencers.  Hey, at least ya’ll don’t have to worry so much about the paparazzi.

Finally, mad ups to the women’s gymnastic team.  It was great to see fellow Texan Nastia Liukin win her gold, and silvers, and bronzes.  Always nice to see a local girl do well on the world stage.  I still think they need to incorporate Gymkata into Olympic gymnastics, but that could just be because I got really bored one Saturday afternoon.

Regardless, my full congratulations go to daughters and granddaughters of the Women’s Liberation Movement.  It looks like ya’ll can do anything better, and have the bling to prove it.