Obama Taps Biden for Vice-Presidentail Spot

Here’s the vids…

Obama giving the nod…

And Biden happily accepting it…

Overall I am pretty happy with the choice.  I’ve like Biden for a while now.  He was decent candidate for President, but his penchant for making somewhat off-color comments/jokes played havoc with any kind of momentum he was trying to build.  I think he’s an excellent foil for McCain and Biden’s long-term knowledge of and friendship with McCain will make for some fun political posturing.

More on this later, it’s a nice day and time to head to the pool.

U.S. Redeem Team Wins Gold, Redemption

Yea, it doesn’t come as much as a surprise, but it was exciting to watch.  I’m not sure how many people stayed up to watch the game live, but if you did, you got a good one.   Spain played above themselves and challenged the U.S. team for the first time in the tournament, getting as close as 2 in the fourth quarter.

Most of the game looked like another iteration of the All-Star scorefest we see every year here.  When there are over 200 hundred points scored in 40 minutes (vs. the NBA’s Forty-Eight) you know the defense has taken something of a back seat.  Like many other events the “judging” was a bit erratic, but seemed to be shitty for both sides, so it was something of a wash.

They are talking to the two MVPs of the team, Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant.  Wade was amazing for most of the game scoring 21 in the first half and was typically everywhere.  Kobe took over in the last fourth quarter, hitting a huge 3 + 1 after Spain had pulled to within 3 and did a wonderful job of distributing the ball down the stretch.  

Good job fellas, thanks for working for it this time.