Looking at the Two Americas

Well, there are about 350 television shows about the affluent America, the comfortable America, the viable and cohesive nation where everyone gets what they want if they either work hard or know someone or have a pretty face or cheat like hell. That America is available every night, on every channel in the Comcast package.

For a brief time, there was one television drama about the other America.

The escalating breakdown of urban society across the US | Media | The Guardian.

The concept of Two Americas was championed in the recent primaries and Presidential race was pushed very strongly by an adulterer. No, not John McCain, the other “John’, Edwards.

The reality of that “other America” and the problems it is facing, were best explored by the television program created by the guy that wrote the article above.  It is interesting reading, particularly the point about how watching some programs builds an image in our heads of what something is.  Because the accuracy of his program, a lot of people across the pond are more familiar with the “other America”….than Americans.