More of the first weekend of Football season (More on why I love football)

Just wanted to say real quick to new readers, in addition to my passion to figuring out the hell is going on in the world, I enjoy a good game of football.  If I’m jones’in, then I really enjoy even a mediocre game of football.

I don’t particularly enjoy Arean football, but that’s another story.

This weekend we got to see Brett “the Jet” Favre join the ranks of the unbeaten, Tom “Babby Daddy” Brady (and all of New England/Boston) got his (their) unfortunate (deserved) comeuppance, the Panthers had a “Hail Sarah” answered, the Cowboys won, and it was the weekend the Refs took over College Football.

To follow-up, Brett…good luck, it wasn’t a dirty play, the Cowboys won large(:-), and Refs, can’t play without ’em, can’t hit ’em.  But they do sometimes make for good conversationalists.*

If you have any other highlights from the weekend, especially from collegio, feel free to share.

* I played for 10 years, from 6th-16th grade, mostly middle/inside linebacker.  I had a few fun conversations with refs over the years.  My favorite was saying “What?! He spit in my face!” after I had slapped an opposing quarterback upside the head after he came up jawing, getting a first down inside our ten, late in a close game.  He hadn’t spit in my face, but my face was wet, and a bit bloody.  It’s not real football without blood, as Tony Romo proved today.  But let’s get back to my glory days for a moment, if I might.

It had been raining for days in St. Louis and the field was a mess.  It happened right here, a little less than 12 years ago.  It was my first senior year in college and we were undefeated at the start of the game.  I don’t recall exactly, but I think they might have been as well.

It was a very close game.  They had already missed two short field goals, and led 12-10 in the fourth quarter.  When the aforementioned head-smacking incident happened they had a first and goal.  They were determined to win, we were determined to stop them.  Kind of rock meets hard place kind of situation.  Like every single play in football, from peewee to pro.

We stopped ’em, in four downs, on the three or so.  I got a stinger on second down, they called a timeout before third and feeling returned before they came back on the field.  We blasted ’em, two yards deeps in the back field on third, our tackle stunt occupied their inside and two backers (me included) came hard to fill the gap.  On fourth down they tried a swing pass and our d-end, corner, and weakside backer converged to end their drive.

Our offense took the ball and drove down the field.  All I really remember of the drive is that we kicked a 42(3?)-yard fiend goal to win, 13-12.  For reals.  In 1996, against Washington University in St. Louis.

It was the brightest moment in my football career, and one of the highlights of Trinity’s, until this happened.

There’s another ole football story about the field where that play happened.  It happened to be the last place I played…and lost (Trinity/Millsaps, same year).   I was *very* happy to see the place redeemed and the curse removed (Another Roy had some…issues since I was there, and I was there at that one too…note the first comment…that’s one of mine from six years ago…weird.).

BTW, and just as a quick FYI.  I didn’t mean to go thorugh this story when I started this post.  Sometimes it’s great fun to write…especially when you have interyoutubes to play with.

Oh My Do I Love Football Season

I just wanted to say how happy I am that football season is finally back.   Football season has a special place deep in the heart of many Texans, and not only because it’s our state religion.  No, the reason football has a special place in our hearts is because it is the signal, much like the native pyramids of Central America, that summer is nearly over.

At least the really hot part of summer.  Now, with football season back, we are into the milder “Second Summer” that Texans know and love (for those in say…the northeast…our Second Summer is much like your original one.  Our real summers are like hell.)

With all that crap being said, let me move onto the real point of this post…pointing out the Dallas Cowboys beat the Cleveland Browns, 28-10.

It was tough to see Marion Barber go down, and extremely difficult to watch that Tony Romo Pepsi™ commericial, but a ‘w’ is a ‘w’ and Felix Jones looks to be amazing.  T.O. got his requisite penalty and Jason Witten owned the middle of the field.

I’m looking forward to see what the Boys can do this year, although I’m not one of those idiots who expect a Superbowl appearance.  I’d be very, very happy with a playoff win, which the Cowboys haven’t had since I was in college.  Get there first, win a game, then we’ll talk rings.

USB Keymaster of Gozer Released

arcticstoat writes “Are you the USB keymaster? You could be soon if you pick up PNY’s new 2GB USB flashdrive, which comes pre-loaded with Ghostbusters. A spokesperson for PNY explained that it comes with a form of DRM that prevents you from copying the movie. ‘They have DRM protection,’ explained the spokesperson, ‘so customers can download the movie onto their laptop or PC if they wish, but they have to have the USB drive plugged in to watch the movie, as the DRM is locked in the USB drive.’ The music industry has been playing around with USB flash drives for a few years now, but it hasn’t been a massive success yet; will USB movies fare any better?”

Slashdot | Ghostbusters Is First Film Released On USB Key.

Nice, glad to see this happening.  I’ve been an advocate of digital distribution like this for years.  I really don’t understand why the Music Industry missed the fact that they could sell $10, 2gig flash drives for upwards of 2 or 3 hundred dollars.  No more needs for “greatest hits” albums, just sell the whole catalogue at once.

The Joys of Learning How to Think With Statistics

The sharks are just jealous of our ice cream

BBC News is running a weekly ongoing series of articles that describe and illustrate common misconceptions (and manipulations) of statistics using examples from the news and ads.
Lesson 1: surveys. Lesson 2: counting. Lesson 3: percentage. Lesson 4: averages. Lesson 5: causation.
posted by Tehanu

The sharks are just jealous of our ice cream | MetaFilter.

Nice article shamelessy C&P’ed from MeFi.  Good reading for anyone who wants to learn a bit about how statistics lie and how to recongnize such.

Fox and CNN Suckage (and the Palin Joke)

Woke up a bit fired up this morning.  Watch the video to see why.

As a general note…it’s not a surprise that Fox is making scurrilous allegations against [Democratic Politician], it’s pretty standard fare over there.  They’ve been doing it consistently for the last 8 years+.

I did want to make the point about the hurricanes.  This is a good reason why many people are uninformed in the U.S. and that’s a big part of the reason.  Not hurricanes, but cheap, empty news.  It’s expensive to make good news.  It takes time and effort and money.  It’s not a thing, if dont right, that is usually profitable.  It used to be considered something of a public service.

Now, things are so bad, they’ll spend 15 minutes talking about where a hurricane might hit, and then come back 2 hours later with a different projected path.  It’s not that big a deal, except there is actual news going on somewhere, but it cost money, which hurts profits.  So we get weather news in front of TV screen and a generally uninformed populace.

I guess it’s better than a misinformed populace, but it seems to be we are getting a two-for-one deal on that.