Blog on Hold for a Bit

Hey, just letting every one know… this blog will largely be absent of new posts and news posts for a while.  I finally figured out how to write my book and as it is flowing so wonderfully in that medium, I’m going to put this un-paid and under-appreciated medium of “blogging” on hold for a minute (read: month) or two, as I switch applications and write a long (120-pages or so is what I’m hoping to have by the end of the month) blog post about a generalized argument in “Word” instead of “WordPress.”

I might throw up some excerpts later in the month, probably closer to Christmas.  For those read a lot, I guess you could consider it something of a “Million Little Pieces” meets “Godel, Escher, and Bach” with a bit of an autobiographical “Into the Wild” tossed in for flavor.  Although I never read that million little pieces thing, as it was exposed before I got around to it.  But from what I heard about it…there’s going to be some similarities.

Except with both parts of my book based mostly in reality.

Yea, I like to blend styles.  It’s really the only way to come up with anything original any more, and I’m thinking this book is going to be along those lines.  The first few chapters have shaped up nicely and I really like the tone and humor I’m finding as I edit.

I will keep updating my Twitter feed, as that’s easy and takes no time at all.   Each good blog post takes at least an hour or two, so it’s just not going to fit into the schedule as I hammer this thing out.

Wish me luck and may God keep my fingers limber.



{note: I’ll probably also post some videos too.  I’ve got a couple backlogged and a couple scripts written, and when it comes to shameless self-promotion, youtube is going to work pretty good.