Solid rundown on the new ‘innovations’ Internet providers can employ

I love the part where they now get to tell you what router to use and what services are acceptable.

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Appeals Court Rules for Corporate Power

This is the suck…

A federal appeals court on Tuesday dealt a sharp blow to the efforts of the Federal Communications Commission to set the rules of the road for the Internet, ruling that the agency lacks the authority to require broadband providers to give equal treatment to all Internet traffic flowing over their networks.


The ruling would allow Comcast and other Internet service providers to restrict consumers’ ability to access certain kinds of Internet content, such as video sites like or Google’s YouTube service, or charge certain heavy users of their networks more money for access.

They didn’t finish that sentence accurately…”The ruling would allow Comcast and other Internet service providers to restrict consumers’ ability to access certain kinds of Internet content, such as video sites like or Google’s YouTube service,” and then sell their own competing services by pointing out how slow the others are (because they are making them slow).

This is now probably going to head to the SCOTUS, where a Court that ruled Corporations are Citizens and can spend as much as possible directly to influence elections will probably rule those same corporations CAN NOW ALSO control what (and who’s) information  flows over their networks.

Just wait until News Corpse starts buying up these and you’ll quickly see the internet get hacked into political pieces.

Nice Interview re: war/commodity culture/tebaggers w/Henry Rollins

I love this perspective.

So when you visit the troops now, how do you rein in some of your strongly held beliefs about war? Oh, that’s easy. It’s just really not the place for that. Quite often in these places like Afghanistan and Iraq, it’s a very apolitical situation. The job that day is not to wonder why Donald Rumsfeld or Gates did what he did, it’s to get through the day without getting blown up and getting back to the dining facility at sundown. That’s the job. So, you know, it’s really not OK to discuss “Well you know, the Project for New American Century says dadadada.” They’re like, “Yeah, I know man, that’s great. But today is Don’t Get Blown Up Day.”

You can read the full thing here.

Gotta love this…

Judging by the comments to one of your columns it appears that you pissed off some Palin fans and some Tea Party fans. Awwww, you know how much sleep I lose over that?

I imagine you’re pretty upset. Oh, it’s awful. Especially talking to a journalist from Ohio. John Boehner, he’s a piece of work. Get to John when you can and remind him that the Declaration of Independence is one thing and the Constitution is another. He says he carries a copy with him. I actually do carry a copy of the Constitution with me wherever I go and I was listening on the radio as he read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence as the preamble of the Constitution. Wait a minute, I’m just a high school graduate without a fake tan, and I was able to pick that out. And you know, no one behind him, if you watch the footage, no one is even wrinkling their brow going “Wait a minute, he got it wrong.” No one in the crowd—tea partiers, who love the constitution—none of them are saying “Hey wait a minute coach, you got that one wrong.” They’re just nodding and going “Hell yeah, get your government hands off my Medicare!” So I’m sure I do get hate mail from these people.

And re: the idiotic commie and socialist slurs the tea-party folks love…

…but what really gets to me with these tea-partiers and these Palin people is when I’m demonized for saying people should have health care. You know, Bubba in the Ku Klux Klan should not lose his house because his wife gets breast cancer. We should take better care of American people. And that makes me a communist? Well, OK. I don’t understand how that makes me a communist. I like my fellow countrymen and women. I want them to be healthy. I think it helps the country get better results. Less crime, better output at the factory, everyone gets more, you live better, so what’s the problem?

“Well if the government does it, they screw up everything else.” Oh, let’s see, you know you’re ripping on the Marines, that’s interesting. So the marines suck. FDIC, that blows. SEC, doesn’t work. Medicaid, that sucks. The Air Force, NASA—awful. When people put down the government, [and say] “they can’t get anything right.” Shut up. Move. Go away. Or stop complaining, and let’s fix it. What’s your solution?