Thai Tea Party Gets Within Hare’s Breath of Mad Hatter

Not sure what that means, but since it’s a Carroll reference, I think that’s o.k.

Regardless, here’s the news.

Bangkok, Thailand (CNN) — Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency Wednesday, hours after anti-government demonstrators stormed the country’s parliament.

Speaking on nationwide television, he said the “purpose is to restore peace and order and to stop the spreading of false information to the Thai public.”

For a better understanding on the dispute, CNN has put this together.

Only 57 violations?! Galt could have done better

Fun thread and interesting thread here. [orig story here]

I would hope those that are lost now are found and those that are lost forever are remembered.

The West Virginia coal mine where an explosion killed 25 workers and left another four unaccounted for in the worst mining disaster since 1984 had amassed scores of citations from mining safety officials, including 57 infractions just last month for violations that included repeatedly failing to develop and follow a ventilation plan.

I’ll mostly refrain from making the cynical point about how “gubmint regulations are evil and strangle the market” in this paragraph.

Then I’ll link to this, and post this while the blood boils.

I love how he starts out with “global warming isn’t real because it’s snowing outside” and goes downhill from there.

Massey ranks among the nation’s top five coal producers and is among the industry’s most profitable. It has a spotty safety record.

The federal mine safety administration fined Massey a then-record $1.5 million for 25 violations that inspectors concluded contributed to the deaths of two miners trapped in a fire in January 2006. The company later settled a lawsuit naming it, several subsidiaries and Chief Executive Don Blankenship as defendants. Aracoma Coal Co. later paid $2.5 million in fines after the company pleaded guilty to 10 criminal charges in the fire.