A high-fructose corn syrup researcher answers his critics


“Dr. Hoebel points out that previous research has firmly established that if you give rats access to a 10% table sugar “drink” in addition to their normal feed, they do not gain additional fat. In other words, their bodies are able to metabolize the extra calories without creating more weight. This previous research is referenced in the study–but was apparently overlooked by critics”

Critics do the darnedest things.

The Things Civilians Don’t Understand About War


Mr. SOLIS: The CNN factor is tremendous. And I remind cadets, based upon my own experience, two tours in Vietnam as a Marine Corps company commander, that anything you say or do, presume it’s going to be seen on television that night and act accordingly. Remember where you are and who you are and what your job is and what the rules are.

Excellent advice. After reading more about this incident, I have to revise my initial reaction. Colbert has an interview with the wikileaks freak, and while I respect *his* argument as well, I find “collateral murder” a bit innaccurate a desciptor.

That being said, war still sucks, always has, always will.