Study: Brain Exercises Don’t Improve Cognition,8599,1983306,00.html

I thought this was interesting until I read this….

The study, published online Tuesday by the journal Nature, tracked 11,430 participants through a six-week online study. The participants were divided into three groups: the first group undertook basic reasoning, planning and problem-solving activities (such as choosing the “odd one out” of a group of four objects); the second completed more complex exercises of memory, attention, math and visual-spatial processing, which were designed to mimic popular “brain-training” computer games and programs; and the control group was asked to use the Internet to research answers to trivia questions.-
Ummm, that’s a horrid “control”, as they are also exercising higher brain functions. A better one would be watching TV or ideally, doing nothing during the training time.

Hey Guys

I found this…fascinating…on a number of levels.

I wonder if it’s because I’m a “guy”.

Not sure.   Will post later if I figure it out.

Are “guys” now “girls”?  Or is this a subconscious literal expression of the point of female/gay male “beauty” (i.e. to appeal to “guys”)?

Either way,  it’s always nice to find a Goonies gem on the YT.