‘Sun’ censored poll that showed support for Lib Dems


Kinda like how Fox keeps neglecting to mention recent tax cutting here.

Good background info on that Clegg character.

GOP denies link to Frank Luntz memo


This is a (hilarious) follow-up to a post the other day. Money quote…

Luntz, meanwhile, is unapologetic.

“I will continue to write language in favor of economic freedom as long as it is under attack. Economic freedom and accountability aren’t Democrat issues or Republican issues,” he wrote in the e-mail. “(It may surprise you but I do meet with Democrats on Capitol Hill from time to time.) These are American issues, and they deserve a full and comprehensive discussion. Americans demand it. Listen to them.”

The “economic freedom” that is “under attack” here is Wall Street’s freedom to take the whole system down unless we bail them out. Luntz wants to preserve it, so he’s playing the bizarro-newspeak game where you call a bill that literally outlaws taxpayer funded bailouts a “bailout bill” (which it is, in a bizarro newspeak kind of way).