Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950

Please forward this to your “Taxed Enough Already”-party friends.

Senate unanimously approves measure to audit Fed

Wow, a unanimous vote in the Senate. Color me pink. Looks like Financial Regulation legislation is a lock now, as the R’s *propbably* won’t filibuster their own changes.

I’m curious to see what the audit reveals. I think it can go three ways: 1) no big deal, most of the big loans went to central banks. 2) economic turmoil as we see which central banks were weakest and they get attacked(a) or 3) ohmygod, the conspiracy is revealed!!!!

(a) much less likely years after the fact. Economic weakness data, the kind that can be used for an attack (I.e. Insider trading), becomes outdated quite quickly.

‘Tea party’-backed platform sails through Maine GOP convention

In Maine, the newly adopted GOP platform outlines various changes, although its ambiguous language leaves the meaning of many sections open to interpretation. There’s a call to restore “Constitutional Law as the basis for the judiciary,” to “reassert the principle that ‘Freedom of Religion’ does not mean ‘Freedom from Religion,’ ” to “return to the principles of Austrian Economics,” and to remove “obstacles created by government” to the private development of natural gas, oil, coal, and nuclear power.

Other parts are clearer: a rejection of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, elimination of the US Department of Education and the Federal Reserve, and a freeze and prohibition on stimulus spending. Healthcare is “not a right” but “a service” that can be addressed only by using “market based solutions.”

I love how what they believe is true, becomes declared as true, and is then foolish to question as truth.

BTW, anyone who wants to return to ‘Austrian’ economics should worry you. Unless you happen to be a billionaire, in which case you’re probaby the one pushing for it.