Trespassing law may turn more illegal immigrants into citizens

“In a sense, it’s like there’s some incentive to get caught,” said Tucson immigration attorney Maurice Goldman. “Theoretically, more people would end up in front of immigration judges, which means more would get released.”

Right now, federal immigration courts are backed up so severely that it can take as many as five years to schedule trials for illegal immigrants who challenge deportation, and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities are so overloaded that thousands of illegal immigrants are released back into Arizona each year to live and work while waiting for a deportation hearing.

The somehwat ironic thing here is that, in order to “preserve the law” in this case, they are going to need massive inflluxes of cash to do so. One would have to expand government mightily to enforce this. But those calling for it also want to see gubmint spending drop.

I’m pretty sure they don’t consider their own stance against government (while passing more police state laws) to be hypocritical, yet how can one avoid that conclusion when looking at the whole picture?