Right wing nutjob threatens to cut off power to LA over boycott


The full text was sent to the blog Hot Air.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is in Washington D.C., meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, but his deputy chief of staff issued the following statement: “The mayor stands strongly behind the city council and he will not respond to threats from the state that has isolated itself from an America that values freedom, liberty and basic civil rights.”

Councilmember Tom LaBonge said he’d like to talk with Pierce. LaBonge said the city needs to look into its long standing utility agreements with Arizona.

LaBonge met Wednesday morning with LA Department of Water and Power officials.

“We have right of ownership of the power plants,” LaBonge told NBCLA. “We partially own them.”

How do I know it’s a rwnj? That first sentence “sent to the blog Hot Air”. If you’ve ever read the comments over there, you can see I’m safely within the 95% accuracy range of guessing someone who’s first thought was to send the threat there is a rwnj. Funny that LA has partial ownerships of the plants anyway.

The History of the United States (Tea Party Version)

I was luckly enough to find this bit of sage wisdom from some respectable negroes (not the other kind).

You can read the full thing here.

Some real gems there.  I never knew our history was so proud. 

1660-1800–Triangular Atlantic trade continues to bring wealth and prosperity to America while giving opportunities to new immigrants.

1776–War for Independence against the tyrannical, evil British empire. Colonists suffer oppression that is unprecedented in human history. Minutemen singlehandedly defeat the evil British Empire in 1783.

1788–The United States Constitution is signed as a document to stand for all time, inspired by God, and never to be changed.

1917–America enters and wins World War 1 singlehandedly because the French are cowards.

1929–Great Depression begins. Tens of millions unemployed because of FDR’s failed economic policies. His New Deal introduces the nanny state, prolongs America’s economic collapse, and weakens the economy until Ronald Reagan renews America.

1941–Patriotic Japanese Americans volunteer to place themselves in gated communities so that America will be safe from Imperial Japan.

1941-1945–America enters and wins World War 2 singlehandedly because the French are cowards. Out of necessity, the United States drops atomic bombs on Japan.

1945-1965–A high point in U.S. history, as freedom and prosperity reign over all Americans.

Great stuff.  I can’t wait until it comes out in book form.