Rand Paul is Learning What It’s Like to Be Me, Says Sarah Palin


No doubt. Considering he’s a political novice that can’t answers simple questions without letting his whacked out political philosophy shine through, I’d say he’s exactly like you, Sarah.

This probably also means he’ll quit halfway through if elected in order to cash in on his fame and try to become one of those evil media elites that seem to stump you folks so badly, just like the ‘Cuda.

That article, BTW, completely glosses over the context of Paul’s comments, and covers for them *mightily*. Much like Sarah, you can bet the vast majority of Paul’s media appearances from here on in will be on friendly media terrain where they don’t question what the real world impact of fringe policy positions will be.

He’ll probably stick to the “fear, fear, fear” platform as advocated by Lamar Alexander.

But Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said he doesn’t expect long-term fallout from Paul’s comments.

“You know, even a very good baseball player sometimes has a hard time going from AAA to the major leagues. And that’s what happened to him last week. If he’ll stick to the jobs, debt and terror and providing a check-and-balance on a runaway government in Washington, he’ll be the next Republican senator. We’ll be glad to have him,” he said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

I love that. “As long as he does his best to scare people into voting for him, he’s welcome with us.”