And the latest lawbreakers to be made heroes to the conservative movement are….

….”Gov. Gary Herbert said the employees work for the Department of Workforce Services, which administers food stamp programs and other public benefits. The employees have been placed on administrative leave.”

And here’ the nail-on-the-head quote…

“It’s a very small group [of nutjob tea partiers who broke the law in releasing personal information to the press]. The people we’ve identified certainly have some strong political opinions and seem to be frustrated with some of the issues around immigration,” said Kristen Cox, executive director for the department. “I think it’s an immense hypocrisy to talk about taking people to task for being illegal and doing so by breaking the law.”    

Newspapers started receiving the list of names and personal information this week, and its publicity created widespread fear in the Hispanic community. The anonymous mailing said it also was sent to immigration officials. It demanded that those on the list be deported, although some named have said they are in the country legally.

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My guess is they’ll be on Hannity Heroes list by the end of next week.