Doesn’t violence done against innocents for political or religious reasons = terrorism?

N.Y. filmmaker charged with stabbing cab driver for being Muslim –

FUN FACT! Many of the cabbies in Dallas are also Muslim. However, they “hide” it by being from Ethiopia. Dallas has a relatively large Ethiopian immigrant community. This largely resulted from them having a horrible famine and then looking for the place that had the fattest people (as there is obviously plenty of great food there). Dallas fits the bill, snugly.

I thought it was a fair question.

Why, Obma? Why?

In a post-economic apocalyptic present, President Obama fights shotgun and chainsaw versus the end results of 30 years of voodoo economics and the walking dead firms it created.

UPDATE:  BTW, the two guys who benefited, arguably, the most personally from Reaganomics (these are the folks everything “trickled down” to) are mentioned once or twice in this article.   If you want to track where the power animating the Zombie army attacking Obama comes from (i.e. the source of the evil in Zombie movies), that article is a good place to start.