Beck and Palin rally old white people against demagogues like Beck and Palin

Glenn Beck rally: A warning to Obama and Democrats? –

The irony regarding Beck – a brilliant communicator whose talents earned him $32 million last year – is that much of what he told the crowd flies in the face of what he espouses in his Fox News broadcasts.

“We must get the poison of hatred out of us,” he told the crowd. “We must look to God and look to love. We must defend those we disagree with.”

This from a man who has called Obama “a racist” and likened Al Gore’s campaign against global climate change to “what Hitler did” in having scientists use eugenics to justify the Holocaust.

UPDATE:  Here’s a nice comment that encapsulates the dementia exhibited on the national mall quite succintly.

Prospero424 Quote 2010-08-29 09:44:54 PM

I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it probably a thousand more: these people don’t care about truth or facts. Reality is irrelevant. If they cared about what was actually going on rather than what they want to believe is going on, they wouldn’t be watching Glenn Beck or Fox News in the first place.

Truth is a distraction. Reality is an affront. Objectivity is a nefarious conspiracy. Honesty leads to suspicion.

Anything that intrudes upon their pre-defined narrative of “white Christian conservatives = victims and heroes, everyone else (except sometimes Israel) = villains and dupes” is considered hostile.

It makes the term “Orwellian” seem quaint by comparison.

Probably the biggest disconnect in this crowd has to do with taxes, war, and debt.  Very recently the United States ran two major wars *while cutting taxes*.   It was the first time in our history to do so.  Usually we pay for wars with taxes.  This last time we tried to pay for the war by *cutting* taxes.  In the minds of most of these people, that’s how you do it.   These folks think we are “taxed enough already” when taxes are the lowest they’ve ever been in their lifetimes, and the debt has never been bigger (thanks to the wars, and Bush’s other unfunded mandate that directly benefits this crowd (Medicare Part D).

So we get an economic collapse after doing something braindead and unprecedented, then this group springs up (funded by the tax-cuts given to billionaires) and blames it all on the black guy.

The whole MLK tie-in they are going for here is even more absurd.   How many of these folks marched with Dr. King?  How many watched the Civil Rights movement at home on TV while their parents complained about people “forgetting their place”?    A simple poll should suffice.  When the leader of this movement, Beck, goes on and on about the evils of “social justice” WHICH IS THE CAUSE MLK CHAMPIONED, and then claims to have taken that mantle upon himself, well, quite frankly, rational heads asplode.  It is only with deeply committed doublethink (or early stage Alzheimers) that one can accept such ridiculousness at face value.

Such is the core of the Tea Party.