Republicans promise to end ‘government’ if elected to run government

The GOP Recipe for Success | Crooks and Liars

And then, there’s news that top-tier GOP candidates have adopted the Paul Ryan plan to bankrupt the country and reward the rich. If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Ryan’s plan, the CBPP has done an analysis on what it would do: Give the wealthy the largest tax cuts in history, raise middle class taxes, end Medicare, privatize Social Security, and repeal the majority of the Affordable Care Act provisions.

UPDATE:  I just want to ask people who want to repeal the recently passed HCR why it is, exactly, they want to give insurance companies the right to cancel policies on people who are diagnosed with cancer.  They lost that right, and now “the right” wants to restore it in their anti-gubmint agenda.

UPDATE: I would also like to point out how this is pretty much the same promise made by the R’s every cycle.  The only part they ever get around to, however, is the cutting taxes part (and rewarding their benefactors).  I’ll give this to them though, they certainly govern as if government was inherently evil.  It’s funny how often one’s assumptions define one’s behaviour.