Palin Axed From Panel for Blatant Hypocrisy

Good on the students of Wash U for making sure their money doesn’t go to fund blatant hypocrites.

Here’s the story…

Anger over a decision to pay Bristol Palin several thousand dollars in student fees to talk to Washington University students about abstinence led to a decision Thursday night to nix Palin’s appearance on a panel here next month.

Washington University’s Student Health Advisory Committee had extended an invitation to Palin, a spokeswoman to prevent teen pregnancy, to speak on abstinence as part of the university’s Student Sexual Responsibility Week.

But because of a growing controversy among undergraduates over the decision to pay for her talk with student-generated funds, the advisory committee and Palin decided Thursday night “that the message that they intended on sharing would be overshadowed by controversy,” according to a university statement.

“Do what I didn’t do”  and “How I got rich and famous for doing so the exact opposite of what I’m about to tell you to do” were both rejected in promotional material as being “honest”.  

Scott Elman, president of the advisory committee, made this ridiculous statement concerning the slight reduction in blatant hypocrisy Washington University students have to swallow before graduating…

Scott Elman, president of the advisory committee, said the decision to halt Palin’s appearance as a keynote speaker was “100 percent mutual” between Palin and the committee. Elman added that he was very disappointed that students weren’t more open to having Palin speak.

Palin – the daughter of Sarah Palin, former GOP vice presidential candidate – became pregnant at 17 and is a single mom to a 2-year-old boy.

The university’s Student Union Treasury earlier this week approved spending $20,000 to sponsor a panel featuring Palin. Student government sources said they were asked not to divulge Palin’s fee. But Palin has signed on for speaking engagements with Single Source Speakers, and she reportedly will command between $15,000 and $30,000 per speech.

Yea, I just can’t imagine what they would lose on by paying a someone who could follow their own a advice a years tuition to sit there and tell people to do what she couldn’t.   I guess, though, having someone who could make it all way through high-school only getting pregnant once is better than someone who got pregnant in high school like three or four times.

Suffice it to say, I guess it’s good that we have at least one instance this week where total and abject failure in a particular field isn’t seen as triumph and directly rewarded with large sums of money.