What a strange day, it seems like a frothy mixture of fecal matter and lube can legally run for President

I guess once you’ve elected a Kenyan, Muslin, Atheist, Do-Nothing Dictator who’s a Socialist Pawn of the Big Banks, is it entirely conceivable (albeit incredibly unlikely) that a frothy mixture of anal lube and fecal matter could also win an election to run the world’s most powerful country.

Oh, it’s Rick Santorum that’s running for President and not just “santorum” in general.  My bad.

Going to love to see our teenage-maturity-level media (OMG, someone tweeted a penis pic! <- top story on Fox all last week) deals with the nasty mess that is santorum.  Rick will be a joke too.

Understanding the Rise in Unemployment in June 2011

Giving the House back to the Republicans has brought the economic recovery to its knees.  Give them the Senate and I’m pretty sure the gangland-style execution is right around the corner.

Really, if a group of people is willing to hold the economy hostage to try and get what they what, why wouldn’t they execute it after the hostage becomes their own responsibility?

Here’s the report…

Nonfarm payroll employment changed little (+54,000) in May, and the unemployment
rate was essentially unchanged at 9.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
reported today. Job gains continued in professional and business services, health
care, and mining. Employment levels in other major private-sector industries were
little changed, and local government employment continued to decline.

[Here’s where Republicans get to take credit]

Employment in local government continued to decline over the month (-28,000). Local
government has lost 446,000 jobs since an employment peak in September 2008.

“Local government employee” is a lot of syllables that should be read”teachers”.      So Step 1 of the plan seems to be working; fire a bunch of people and blame the President for the rise of unemployment.