News Corp Whistle Blower found “murdered”?

News of the World Whisteblower Found Dead | Reuters

Notice how I used scare quotes, an associative relationship, and a question mark in the title (and URL) to insinuate something that might be, but probably isn’t, true?

I learned it from watching you, Rupert. I learned if from watching you.


In ironic news, this small piece of this story is just juicy enough to give it a few more legs…which makes Fox’s continued non-coverage even more egregious.

It is now accurate to refer to News Corp as an international criminal ring that focuses on propaganda (and the fact that the evidence of that last bit is on public display in Presidential libraries makes it even more hilarironic).   It also occasionally dabbles in “shock journalism”.

Need I remind everyone it was founded by an Aussie?  K, nuf said.

June 2011: Hottest June Ever in Texas; Oct 2010 – Jun 2011: Driest Year Ever (so far)

You’d think after a while we could somehow use science to understand why this might be happening.

You’d think that.

DALLAS — If you thought last month seemed like the hottest ever, you were right.

Texas recorded its warmest June since 1895, according to the National Weather Service. The mean temperature for the month was 85.2 degrees.

In addition, October 2010 to June 2011 was the driest of any nine-month period for Texas since 1895. The state has recorded just 5.81 inches of rain so far in 2011, according to NWS maps.

The previous record was the stretch from June 1917 to February 1918.

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I guess it’s only fitting that Texas bear a good bit of the brunt of global warming.  It certainly has one of the highest concentrations of deniers and denier funders in the world.

I’m still wondering at what point folks are going to start to realize this train is heading only one direction if we keep pouring gas on the fire.      I thought that would have been already a settled case by now, as the deniers have been proved wrong again and again, but my optimism that logic works for everyone is misplaced.   It certainly doesn’t seem so, and continually breaking temperature records while HAVING THE WHOLE STATE DECLARED A DISASTER AREA didn’t even budge the needle, so my former optimism has waned considerably.

Not much to say here, except that it will keep getting hotter.   This isn’t an aberration, it’s the new “normal”.