Two sides present their arguments (via comments on USA Today)

Senate GOP votes to watch in debt-limit drama – On Politics –

I thought these two comments encapdulated the debates nicely.

vintel7 (3 friends, send message) wrote: 33m ago Americans have only themselves to blame for this splintered government and for the fact that the nation is in financial dire straights. It was Americans that elected republican majorities from 1994-2006 in the Congress. It was stupid Americans that elected George W Bush to 2 terms in the White House. It was stupid Americans that elected the Republicans and many tea party extremists to the current Congress. Yet, if you listen to republican voters, they complain and act like spoiled narcissistic children when they don’t get their way. These low IQ voters act victimized and point fingers at and blame the government. In doing so they are hating and rejecting their own selves because it was they that elected the very people that they now blame for their problems. Inability to take responsibility for one’s self and life is indicative of the pervasive narcissism that afflicts this country…particularly among republicans. Acting like a victim or rather reacting like a victim is also a hallmark of narcissism and hence why we see this response consistently from republicans, who are indeed the “party of narcissism”. Republicanism is nothing but codified and politicized narcissism…which is not “excessive self love” like some pop psychologists teach but a profound disease of the mind and soul. This epidemic narcissism is the root cause of all of the USA’s troubles. Republicans are the “People of the Lie” that bestselling author M. Scott Peck wrote about in his book “The People of the Lie.” 5 Recommend | Report Abuse

Vickie803 (0 friends, send message) wrote: 57m ago Congress needs to be watched as we are increasing the debt ceiling -borrowing from China to raise Mexico. How insane is that. Our government is no longer protecting its borders and citizens suffer.

Obvious solution to this conundrum for retarded people? Cut taxes.

Apple Has More Money On Hand Than The US Government – 3 hours ago With news that the United States Treasury could default on Monday if the Democrats and Republicans don’t compromise and raise the debt limit, it has been revealed that Apple – the manufacturer of the iPod and the iPad – has more money on hand than the …