Patriots are very anti-drug, it would seem


Patriot Act – 9/11 Encyclopedia – September 11 10th Anniversary – NYMag

“Patriot Act” was appropriately overt. Before 9/11, when politicians spoke of “patriots,” they usually meant soldiers. Now prosecutors and the FBI were reaching for the same vanity —that they were the hard tip of freedom—and the same license to pursue enemies without much oversight or meddling. When it was signed into law six weeks after the attacks, the act made it easier to wiretap American citizens suspected of cooperating with terrorism, to snoop through business records without notification, and to execute search warrants without immediately informing their targets (a so-called sneak-and-peek [P2]). Privileges once reserved for overseas intelligence work were extended to domestic criminal investigations. There was less judicial oversight and very little transparency.

And we see the results in the graph.  Any questions?

Texas drought not likely to end soon

SciGuy » Analysis: When will the terrible Texas drought end?

And just to get an idea of how bad it is….

By the way our three driest years on record in the Houston area occurred in 1917 (17.66”), 1988 (22.93”) and 1901 (27.09”). In a normal year the Houston area will typically receive around 45.00 to 50.00” of rainfall, so you can see in 1917 we had a little more than third of the normal rainfall while in 1988 we had roughly half. This year we have currently tallied 11.00” for the year, while we should be at 32.58”, meaning so far this year we have received only about a third of our normal rainfall and are on a pace to tie or unfortunately surpass the all time 1917 record.

Fox Edits Speech and is then OUTRAGED by the Results

Fox Doctors Hoffa Speech To Fabricate Call For Violence | Media Matters for America

Henry made clear during that segment that Hoffa’s comments were references to voting out Republican members of Congress, not to violence. And roughly 20 minutes later, he explained on Twitter that the “full quote” of the “take these son of a bitches out” comment is “Everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back & keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these sons of bitches out”: But in a second segment that ran at roughly the same time as Henry’s tweet, Fox News dishonestly edited the speech in the manner seen above.

Andrew Breitbart’s Big sites, Real Clear Politics, The Daily Caller, the Media Research Center, and the Drudge Report have all highlighted that footage, using it to condemn “the violence emanating from union thug bosses” and demand that Obama “denounce” the comments.

And so it continues, with low information voters drawing the conclusion that its those evil Democrats who keep throwing out that violent rhetoric.

You have to pay for wars (and tax cuts) eventually

NYT: The Whole Truth and Nothing Bu

Why has this been a lost decade? An answer can be found in one simple comparison: How Dwight Eisenhower and his successors used the cold war and how George W. Bush used 9/11. America had to face down the Russians in the cold war. America had to respond to 9/11 and the threat of Al Qaeda. But the critical difference between the two was this: Beginning with Eisenhower and continuing to some degree with every cold war president, we used the cold war and the Russian threat as a reason and motivator to do big, hard things together at home -to do nation-building in America. We used it to build the interstate highway system, put a man on the moon, push out the boundaries of science, teach new languages, maintain fiscal discipline and, when needed, raise taxes. We won the cold war with collective action.

George W. Bush did the opposite. He used 9/ 11 as an excuse to lower taxes, to start two wars that -for the first time in our history -were not paid for by tax increases, and to create a costly new entitlement in Medicare prescription drugs. Imagine where we’d be today if on the morning of 9/12 Bush had announced (as some of us advocated) a “Patriot Tax” of $1 per gallon of gas to pay for education, infrastructure and government research, to help finance our wars and to slash our dependence on Middle East oil. Gasoline in the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001, averaged $1.66 a gallon.

But rather than use 9/11 to summon us to nation-building at home, Bush used it as an excuse to party -to double down on a radical tax-cutting agenda for the rich that not only did not spur rising living standards for most Americans but has now left us with a huge ball and chain around our ankle.

And there you have it.  If you don’t know our debt issues are intimately tied to our response to 9/11 and George W. Bush, you haven’t been paying attention or don’t understand how math works. 

Evidence of Inside Job Confirmed! Stunning Photos of Obama’s Birth Certificate Found on Moon! (among other debris)

Figured that title would do best with the bots.  Pretty amazing pictures from the Moon Surveyor.   Surely this, finally, will put this rather odd conspiracy theory about the moon landings to rest (some people actually think they didn’t happen and the government then [REDACTED BY ORDER OF SECRET GOVERNMENT AGENCY].)

We are about to send up some more Mars bots, this time with a bit better engine, so hopefully we can get the same life span out of them we did out of the last pair.