Republicans Deny 90’s Existed (and seem to think the aughts were a golden age for job creation)

House Speaker: Tax hikes not “viable” for special panel – Sep. 15, 2011

WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) –House Speakerohn Boehner drew a line in the sand on taxes on Thursday, saying that a special debt committee tasked with cutting at least $1.2 trillion from federal deficits shouldn’t consider tax hikes. “Tax increases, I think, are off the table,” Boehner said in a speech to the Economic Club of Washington, D.C. “It’s a very simple equation. Tax increases destroy jobs. And theoint Committee is a jobs committee. Its mission is to reduce the deficit that is threatening job creation in our country.”

Seriously, go look at the tax rates[1] and job creation in the 90’s [2].  Compare it to the aughts, and then stop repeating blatant lies without calling them out.


Republicans charge that Clinton promised a
middle-class tax cut
and delivered a tax increase instead. That is not
quite right. A promise to increase taxes on the affluent was,
in fact, a central feature of Clinton’s 1992 campaign. And almost two-thirds (63
percent) of the projected revenues in Clinton’s tax increase hit high-income
couples (over $140,000 a year) and individuals (over $115,000). Most of this
came from an increase in the top income-tax rate. Another 15 percent of
Clinton’s revenue came from tax increases on business,
primarily a rise in the corporate income-tax rate and new limits on the
deduction for entertainment expenses. These also were campaign promises made and
kept, not broken. (By interesting contrast, a full 70 percent of Dole’s
increased revenues came from business, primarily in the form of closing
loopholes and ending special favors included in the 1981 tax-cut bill. Clinton’s
bill, while raising business taxes somewhat overall, introduced a variety of
special business preferences.)

[2] [the WSJ, no less]

President Jobs created Jobs at end of term Jobs at start of term Payroll expansion Jobs created per year in office Population growth Percent change in population
George W. Bush 3.0 million 135.5 million 132.5 million 2.3% 375,000 22.0 million 7.7%
Bill Clinton 23.1 million 132.5 million 109.4 million 21.1% 2,900,000 25.2 million 8.9%
George H.W. Bush 2.5 million 109.4 million 106.9 million 2.3% 625,000 12.5 million 4.8%
Ronald Reagan 16.0 million 106.9 million 90.9 million 17.6% 2,000,000 17.3 million 7%