Not intended as a factual statement, intended as propaganda to cover for own failings

Nikki Haley: Jobless On Drugs Claim From Bad Information

Haley said two weeks ago she’d been told that of hundreds of job applicants at the Savannah River Site, a nuclear reservation owned by the U.S. Energy Department, half failed a drug test. But Jim Giusti, a spokesman for Energy Department, told HuffPost that of the workers hired over the past few years, less than 1 percent failed a test. Additionally, only new hires –not applicants –have to submit to testing in the first place. “We are pleased that Gov. Haley retracted her claims about so many unemployed workers being able to pass drug tests,” said Judy Conti, a lobbyist for the National Employment Law Project, a nonprofit research group that advocates for workers. “For too long, politicians have tried to scapegoat the unemployed, as if the current jobs crisis is their fault. Such claims do nothing to further the discourse we need to have about real solutions to the problems our country is facing, and they scapegoat good people who are doing their best just to survive in these tough times.”

Just to be clear…we do *immediately* test any politician that calls for this kind of stuff right?   And continue to do randomly, mostly within 3 days after vacations.

Figures a Cuban would think paying taxes is Patriotic

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So be Patriotic. Go out there and get rich. Get so obnoxiously rich that when that tax bill comes , your first thought will be to choke on how big a check you have to write. Your 2nd thought will be “what a great problem to have”, and your 3rd should be a recognition that in paying your taxes you are helping to support millions of Americans that are not as fortunate as you.