So what other common wisdom about our ‘liberal media’ is b.s.?



To be fair and balanced one needs to realize that by including Fox in the sample of news media sources, it tilts the whole scale horribly.   But since they *are* a major portion of the media, you kinda have to include them in the analysis to be fair and balanced.

Curiously this illustrates that our media is neither liberal nor fair nor balanced, but most folks already know that.  Our major media *is* ‘corporate’ however, through and through.  Understanding that aspect of the Media help keep things in perspective (i.e. they are morally obligated as good corporate citizens to provide you with the information that best maximizes their profits).   

Republican candidates slam Obama for keeping Campaign Promise on Iraq (they want to stay longer)

CNN Political Ticker

Just go read their statements, then compare them with the President’s.    We have perhaps the best foreign policy President in history, as measured by results, and these folks thinks he’s a colossal failure for not continuing horrid policy.   Surreal.

Oh, and if you haven’t picked up on the joke that is Michelle Bachmann (her campaign staff in NH did and quit), read her plan and just guffaw.