Add “U.S. Constitution” to the List of Things Fox News Misinforms Viewers About

Fox News Boycott | Fox News Fabricates Part of U.S. Constitution

From the link…

The "Constitution" from Fox News

Three glaring problems with this argument: The Constitution has no Article 28, has no Section 144, and does not contain the language quoted.

The Constitution actually contains seven articles, none of which have more than 10 sections. It also has 27 amendments, none of which contain anywhere near 144 sections.

The language Fox quoted from actually comes from a statute passed by Congress, Title 28 of the U.S. Code, Section 455. But that’s the very statute legal ethicists have analyzed in finding that Kagan does not need to recuse herself because of the email.

Guy who got Booted from Congress for Ethics Violations Teams with 3rd Generation Real Estate Heir (hair?) to Teach Poor Kids Value of Janitorial Work

Gingrich Says Trump Agrees to Create School ‘Apprenticeships’

“We’re looking to help the poorest children in America,” Gingrich said. Apprenticeships in New York’s poorest schools are a way to demonstrate the transformative power of holding a job that pays money, he said.

Gingrich said he and Trump, the host of NBC’s reality television show, “The Apprentice” who earlier this year considered an independent presidential run, would try “to create a model.”

Gingrich, 68, the former House speaker from Georgia, said his experience in public housing developments began several years ago with a program that paid students $2 for each book they read over summer break. “You’ll find remarkably few people with work experience” in public housing projects, he said.

‘Master Janitor’

Last month, he suggested before an audience at Harvard University that some poor students in failing schools could gain work experience as janitors.

And I’ll bet you read that headline and thought I was making stuff up.  Yes, the guy who got paid multiple millions of dollars because of who he knows, is giving lessons on the value of menial labor….while advocating cutting education spending.