Evil Game Model Gets Billion Dollar Boost

Zynga Said to Price 100M Shares at $10 in IPO- Bloomberg http://mobile.bloomberg.com/news/2011-12-15/zynga-said-to-price-100-million-shares-at-10-each-in-ipo-top-of-range.html

If you don’t know *why* this gaming model is evil, either play one of their games or Google “tapfish, Aasif Maandvi” and watch and learn.

They get bought for less than half this amount in a few years.

Chevron Admits Oil Leak in Brazil Hasn’t Stopped

Things just keep getting worse for Chevron. First, a deepwater drilling mishap off the coast of Brazil last month caused thousands of barrels of oil to spill into the Atlantic, which only after some dodging did Chevron take responsibility for, followed by Brazil’s petroleum agency deciding to suspend the company’s drilling rights altogether. And then there are the fines which could end up costing Chevron close to $100 million. But lo, it gets worst yet. Today, the oil giant admitted that the situation is far from resolved as many had assumed. That’s right, the leak continues, and Chevron’s not sure when it can be stopped.

Weeks after the spill began in early November, loosing an estimated 110,000 gallons in the waters 230 miles off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Chevron moved to plug it with cement. Still, several hundreds of gallons continued to trickle up from the sea floor.

And now, nearly a month after their initial fix was put in place, Chevron Brazil’s environmental supervisor Luiz Alberto Pimenta Borges told leaders that oil is still leaking, and that his company isn’t sure quite how or when it can be capped.

via Chevron Admits Oil Leak in Brazil Hasn’t Stopped : TreeHugger.

But remember folks, it’s “regulations” in the U.S. that is hurting these companies.

Liberal Myth Kicks off Methane Feedback Loop in Arctic

In late summer, the Russian research vessel Academician Lavrentiev conducted an extensive survey of about 10,000 square miles of sea off the East Siberian coast. Scientists deployed four highly sensitive instruments, both seismic and acoustic, to monitor the “fountains” or plumes of methane bubbles rising to the sea surface from beneath the seabed.

“In a very small area, less than 10,000 square miles, we have counted more than 100 fountains, or torch-like structures, bubbling through the water column and injected directly into the atmosphere from the seabed,” Dr Semiletov said. “We carried out checks at about 115 stationary points and discovered methane fields of a fantastic scale – I think on a scale not seen before. Some plumes were a kilometre or more wide and the emissions went directly into the atmosphere – the concentration was a hundred times higher than normal.”

via Shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases deadly greenhouse gas – Climate Change – Environment – The Independent.

I’ll tell you what, liberal myths can change the world, and are.

The funny, silly thing about this latest news is that it comes just as the developed world failed to come up with any sort of decent plan to start to address this stuff.     Perhaps when the oceans catch fire, people will take note that something is amiss.