Romney Flip Flops on Obama…calls him a Crony Capitalist instead of a Socialist

The Associated Press: Seeking NH buzz, Romney hits Obama; rest swat him

At a morning stop in Salem before heading to South Carolina, Romney looked past his GOP rivals and labeled Obama a “crony capitalist,” invoking a theme that Rep. Michele Bachmann had used before dropping out of the race.

Taking intellectual cues from Crazy Eyes isn’t probably the wisest thing to do there, Willard.

Why Reddit Rocks: 2 Billion & Beyond

Here’s a list of things we don’t (and won’t) do for traffic:

We don’t get traffic through ads.

We don’t participate in any traffic trading.

We don’t email our users (unless they choose to enter an email and then forget their password).

We don’t harass users to sign up.

We don’t harass users to invite their friends.

We don’t pester you to download our app.

We don’t use slideshows and other pageview gimmicks.

We don’t know anything about SEO.

We don’t integrate with Facebook.

We don’t even link to our Facebook or twitter accounts.

So how do we account for the growth? Like all things reddit, the credit goes to our community — or rather, community of communities.

via blog.reddit — what’s new on reddit: 2 Billion & Beyond.

Fracking Earthquakes

Avoiding fracking earthquakes: expensive venture

The pressure caused by water pushed far below the surface for a long period has been linked to an increase in seismic activity, as water enters fissures and lubricates fault lines which can cause earthquakes in places otherwise free of them.

“It basically greases the wheels of the earthquake process that is there naturally and causes the earthquakes to occur at lower stress levels than they might normally have needed to occur,” said Larry Brown who chairs the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Precautions can be taken to mitigate risks of earthquakes near disposal wells, such as lowering injection pressure and avoiding areas with a history of seismic activity, though none of these guarantee total safety.


On paper, the link between fracking and quakes is compelling. As the oil and gas industry embarked on a massive expansion of hydraulic fracturing across Arkansas, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, the number of earthquakes in areas where wastewater was injected back underground surged tenfold.

Data from Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, which had seismographs set up in Youngstown on Saturday, concluded that the earthquake occurred at the same depth as the well, about 2 miles below the surface.

And this contaminated water is going to air about 20 years to come back…but it will, rest assured.

You’d have think we’d have learned this by now…when someone can make billions of $ now while selling something that  raises risks to others a generation from now…they will.   See: Big Tobacco, Asbestos.

Santorum’s Frothy Name Recognition Problem

25 People Who Just Googled “Santorum” For The First Time – BuzzFeed Mobile

Ok, in this one case I will allow that the ‘liberal media’ and the ‘gay agenda’ of not being repressed and hated out of the public sphere is what led to this.  Essentially Mr. Frothy Mixture is VERY MUCH AGAINST the idea that gays could be accepted into respectable culture. Indeed, anything less than public shaming and persecution is offensive to his version of “God”.

Unsurprisngly, some in the gay community took offense at this political stance.  One such man, Dan Savage a sex advice columnist in San Francisco, took it upon himself to hit Santorum where it hurts, so to speak.

And now, four years later, Google knows best.

And today’s example of horrid science reporting…

Scientists’ new time masker creates invisibility

Think of it as an art heist that takes place before your eyes and surveillance cameras. You don’t see the thief strolling into the museum, taking the painting down or walking away, but he did. It’s not just that the thief is invisible – his whole activity is.

What scientists at Cornell University did was on a much smaller scale, both in terms of events and time. It happened so quickly that it’s not even a blink of an eye. Their time cloak lasts an incredibly tiny fraction of a fraction of a second. They hid an event for 40 trillionths of a second, according to a study appearing in Thursday’s edition of the journal Nature.

I like how the picture at the top mentions a possibility that the research couldn’t possibly lead to.  I also like how he later mentions the whole thing actually happens faster (waaay faster) than the human eye can see.