One of those words that often doesn’t mean what the speaker implies…

What Do You Mean By Socialist?

The word socialism can stop arguments dead in their tracks without further discussion. This nonsensical behavior is the primary reason our middle class is in danger of disappearing, not simply because of a global economic crisis, but because we are too afraid to act as if what we have and hold in common is more important than greed.

There are numerous examples of democracies that are more socialistic than we are, with measurable indices of quality of life far better than ours, and yet we do little to make improvements in our lives if doing so requires a collective effort. Instead, we make vociferous claims about our being the greatest country on earth. We talk the talk, we just don’t walk it. A middle-class society is a purposeful effort. How can we be the greatest country on earth when we are way down the list on quality of healthcare, even as we spend more money on healthcare per capita than anyone else?