Children Committing, err, Training For Genocide…Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You (with Indiana Jones, no less)

Harrison Ford will play Colonel Hyram Graff and Ben Kingsley takes on the role of Mazer Rackham. But its the young actors attracting much of the attention: Asa Butterfield stars as Ender Wiggin, Abigail Breslin plays his older sister, Valentine Wiggin and Hailee Steinfeld takes on the role of Petra Arkanian.

Author Orson Scott Card won two of science fictions highest honors for this novel. He is working on the film so he cannot talk with us yet But he is excited and hopeful. So, are those in the book world.”Enders game is relatable on every level, and even though it was written that long ago, it still holds its own,” Evans said.

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Take a wild guess how the Republican candidates want to pay down the debt…

Comparing the Gingrich and Romney tax plans – CBS News

Romney has come under fire from some conservatives – and the Wall Street Journal -because they say his tax plan is too timid and doesn’t go far enough to lower taxes now.

The non-partisan Tax Policy Center in Washington estimates that if the Bush tax cuts stay in plane, the Romney plan would add $180 billion to the deficit in the year 2015. The Gingrich plan would add $850 billion that year.

The candidates argue that cutting taxes would create so many businesses and jobs that ultimately there would be more tax revenue, not less.

Hrrm, that sound awfully familiar.  One would think, if this actually worked..we’d be swimming in jobs and growth right now, as we have the same tax rates that Bush Jr, promised would do the same thing.

Oh…and who is suprised Romney wants to completely get rid of the estate tax?  Anyone?

There’s a few reasons why, as a long time gamer, I hate Zynga. Here’s another one

This company is built on the simple truism once discovered by Homer Simpson regarding criminal business models….get them addicted, then jack up the price.

I would highly recommend not investing in them, they are an ad-blocker away from insolvency, and require a high amount of ignorance on the part of their customers to make make any money.  It isn’t really the most sustainable model…especially in the information age.