Romney: No Komen money for Planned Parenthood (even after they reversed)

WASHINGTON—Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he doesn’t think a prominent breast cancer charity should continue giving grants to Planned Parenthood because it provides abortion services.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity had announced it would cut funds to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening, then dropped those plans after a public backlash last week.

On Monday, Romney told conservative radio host Scott Hennen that he didn’t think Komen should continue giving money to Planned Parenthood. Romney says the government should stop giving Planned Parenthood money, too.

A spokeswoman for the Obama campaign, Stephanie Cutter, called Romney’s comments “the ultimate hypocrisy” because as governor of Massachusetts he supported the same birth-control policy that President Barack Obama supports.

via Romney: No Komen money for Planned Parenthood – San Jose Mercury News.

Is there a single word for “tone deaf panderer”…other than a “Romney”?

This actually fits in perfectly with his not caring about poor people platform.  Poor women are “people too”…so he’s not concerned about them either (and is, in fact, concerned they have a chance to get screened for cancer, which he somehow feels is wrong).