Romney plans to end public education

Romney offers full-throated support for using taxpayer money to pay for private-school vouchers, privately-managed charters, for-profit online schools, and almost every other alternative to public schools. Like Bob Dole in 1996, Romney showers his contempt on the teachers’ unions.

He takes a strong stand against certification of teachers – the minimal state-level requirement that future teachersmust pass either state or national tests to demonstrate their knowledge and/or skills –which he considers an unnecessary hurdle.

He believes that class size does not matter (although he and his children went to elite private schools that have small classes). Romney claims that school choice is “the civil rights issue of our era,” a familiar theme among the current crop of education reformers, who now use it to advance their efforts to privatize public education.

The best part is that by also ending the estate tax, no Romney will ever be forced into the public system. But they will get vouchers to help defray the cost of private schools.

Update: fixed link and wanted to noted that the “school choice” movement has largely been funded by folks on the losing side (from a scientific perspective) of the evolution debate.  Sad really…but kinda funny in an ironic way.