Boehner offers “Compromise” to Avert Fiscal Cliff. Bonus Fun Point: It’s Everything Republicans Want

US House Speaker Boehner urges Senate to act on ‘fiscal cliff’

The House Republican leaders argued that it was the Senate’s turn to come up with a legislative solution because the House had produced two bills earlier this year to avert the “fiscal cliff.” One would have continued the Bush-era’s low income tax rates for another year, despite strong Democratic opposition to continuing the tax break for household incomes above $250,000. Another bill would have replaced $109 billion in automatic spending cuts due to begin next month by stopping all of the planned military cuts and placing the entire burden on domestic activities, including some social safety net programs funded by the federal government.

I don’t think that word means what I’d thinks it means. My feelings at this point is that we go over the ‘cliff’, and then quickly pass a new retroactive ‘tax cut’ that Republicans can then say they fought for (and looks like what Obama is proposing now), thus allowing taxes to go up as everyone rational knows they need to, and Grover’s Bitches get to claim they kept their word about never voting for a tax increase.