And the Countdown Until a Student is Killed by Their Own Teacher’s Gun in School Just Got Faster

Utah teachers get free gun training in response to Newtown shooting

(Reuters) – Kasey Hansen, a special education teacher from Salt Lake City, Utah, says she would take a bullet for any of her students, but if faced with a gunman threatening her class, she would rather be able to shoot back. On Thursday, she was one of 200 Utah teachers who flocked to an indoor sports arena for free instruction in the handling of firearms by gun activists who say armed educators might have a chance at thwarting deadly shooting rampages in their schools. The event was organized by the Utah Shooting Sports Council in response to the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, this month that killed 20 children and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The council said it has typically attracted about 16 teachers each year to its concealed carry training courses.

We’ll see what happens first…on overworked, underpaid and armed employee surrounded by kids loses it and kills someone by accident, or an overworked and underpaid armed employee surrounded gets to blow away someone else who lost it. We’ll see.

What Real Class Warfare Looks Like

Hundreds of tea estate workers surrounded the plantation owners home in India’s northeastern state of Assam and set it on fire over a labor dispute, killing him and his wife, police said on Thursday.

Police recovered the charred bodies of the couple, Mridul Kumar Bhattacharyya and his wife, Rita, from the burned remains of their house in Tinsukhia district, police Superintendent PP Singh said.

The plantation had been rocked by labor trouble over the past few weeks and some workers had been suspended two weeks ago.

On Wednesday, around 700 workers armed with bows and poison-tipped arrows surrounded the house and set it on fire, trapping the couple. The house had burned down by the time police reached the remote region in Tinsukhia.

via Tea workers burn boss to death – World News | IOL News |

I think it quite hilarious to see some folks call raising the tax rate on the wealthy by 4% “class warfare”.   If there ain’t charred bodies, it ain’t warfare.