Traditional “Russian” Values Confuse Tea Party Activists

MOSCOW (AP) — Kissing his boyfriend during a protest in front of Russia’s parliament earned Pavel Samburov 30 hours of detention and the equivalent of a $16 fine on a charge of “hooliganism.” But if a bill that comes up for a first vote later this month becomes law, such a public kiss could be defined as illegal “homosexual propaganda” and bring a fine of up to $16,000.

The legislation being pushed by the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church would make it illegal nationwide to provide minors with information that is defined as “propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality and transgenderism.” It includes a ban on holding public events that promote gay rights. St. Petersburg and a number of other Russian cities already have similar laws on their books.

The bill is part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values as opposed to Western liberalism, which the Kremlin and church see as corrupting Russian youth and by extension contributing to a wave of protest against President Vladimir Putin’s rule.

via News from The Associated Press.

Funny how totalitarian fascists and “good ole boys” share the same values and fears about society.

Another Mass Killer with an Assault Weapon Stopped by Good Guy WITHOUT a Gun


ALBUQUERQUE — A 15-year-old boy charged with killing his parents and three siblings allegedly intended to add to the slaughter by driving to the nearest Walmart and dying in a shootout with police after another round of killings, the Albuquerque Journal reports.

Instead, the newspaper says, the teenager called a friend who talked him into meeting at Calvary Chapel, where his father had been pastor. A church security guard later called 911.

And again reality isn’t like the version the NRA sells.